Trials Go a-MUC

OK, I did everyting that you were supposed to do - almost. Here is a picture of me playing in my backyard.

backyard trials 1[1].jpg

Take 2:
Here is what happens when things go a little wrong.


I was most angry with myself for tearing through my new, custom leg armour. Grat!

Egads, Tommy!! What went wrong? Was one of those trials toys a running chainsaw?

Looks like about 15 stitches!

Also looks like a road map.

Be sure to tell the club members that this is a very rare trophy if protective gear is worn.

what armor were you using??

Its hard to tell from the pix, but are thoes custom Roaches with Yellow to Red Flames??

I hope that heals with a cool scar that gets you lotts of beautiful women.


My beautiful, new, custom flame Roach armor - now has a tear in the right shin! Grat - double grat! So does my shin. I went to the hospital - four blocks form my house and there was about a 5 hour wait so I came home and doctored it myself. I used to do a lot of mountaineering and I learned how to deal with stuff like this and since the scar isn’t really a concern I just taped the wound. What I can’t figure out is how I managed to crash on every part of my body at once. I think that my head, my left shoulder (dislocated but popped back in to the socket as I was flailing trying to get up) and shin all made contact with various parts of trials gear at the exact nano-second. Rody was on the phone, watching form the kitchen window when I went down. She said to her son, “Oh, oh, he went down…he’s not getting up…he’s ok, he’s getting up - sort-of.” I never showed her the wound on the shin until I showed her the photo. It really doesn’t hurt at all. I can’t wait to get back at it. I need some ibuprofen.

might want to talk to roach about their replacement…

my god… i thought i was safe with armor! :frowning:

i feel sorry for ya dude!

as nice as it is to avoid pain and suffering, there’s nothing more gratifying than a great battle wound with a story.
you can tell chicks you got attacked by a shark while surfing off the coasts of madagascar, they’ll dig that.
mad props for the pic. i’m not a fan of gore, but that picture is rad.
you should get it framed, or get stickers of it made and put them on your unicycle.
bummer about the pads.
i’m curious as to what part of your uni actually penetrated the roaches. that seems like something that shouldn’t happen.

Ouch! There are gaps between the plastic pices in the Roach (and 661) armour. If you hit just right just at a seam between the plactic pieces I can see flesh damage being done. I think Joe Rowing had a similar accident where a pedal bit him through the Roach pads.

If you don’t want to send your pads back to Roach for repair you can try a local shoe repair shop. They have powerful sewing machines that can go through the fabric and the plastic in the Roach pads. Just have to be careful that the repair doesn’t end up looking too ugly espeically on those custom pads.

Better yet, tell them you got it in a trials unicycling accident :wink:


Youch, that looks nasty! :astonished:

Since I’ve had my leg pads I’ve not actually spilled any Phil Juice in vast quantities, which is quite surprising. I wonder how long it will last…


I’ve had about 12 hours now to try to think about just what did happen in my epic afternoon of trials playing. As best as I can figure out, I was riding up the ramp, as I had done 30 times yesterday alone, but my mind was on making the gap to the spool. About 3/4 up the ramp I must of come off to the right and my right shin went straight into the edge of the pallet. The edge of the pallet deck hit dead-center of the armor - no “between the reinforced part.” The reinforced parts of the pads were perfectly placed. The edge of the pallet just cut right through it. Nobody was more surprised then me when I went to take off my gear and I saw the wound. I was shocked! “How could this happen!? I had on armor!?,” I thought . No part of the uni was involved in puncturing me. The uni was lying helplessly on the pavement below as I continued my earthward plunge. I landed on top of the pallet with my right arm between my chest and the pallet deck but my left arm was, I guess, trying to break the fall which resulted in my shoulder getting wacked out of joint. If no infection sets-in the leg will be fine (I even did a good job of tucking the skin before the tape-job so the scar should be relatively minimal). However, my shoulder is really sore. I can hardly lift my arm above my mid-chest. DARN-IT! Getting hurt stinks! I’ll be fine. However, dudes, If I hadn’t had on my armor … Geez. It could have been bad. Note to Self: Wear they gear!


OUCH man. Simply Ouch.

When you say pallet, what do you mean? What item in the first picture did you hit?


I smacked the thing that I was standing on in the first photo. The more I think about the entire epic the sillier I feel. I forgot Rule #1: Pay attention!

Jeez man! That’s one nasty gouge. I remember seeing a similar photo of Scott Bridgeman’s knee where he tooks some pointy rocks right through his leg armour. Can’t remember if it was Roach armour. Heal that sucker up!!


Thanks for all the support and empathy. I love my family!

I just ate lunch reading this thread… think I gotta heav now.


I’m eating lunch too. But my wife likes to watch Trauma, and similar shows so it’s not as gross as it used to be.

Aren’t you lucky you were wearing those roaches! If you got that much damage through your shin pads, if you hadn’t been wearing any you’d probably ben an amputee now… :stuck_out_tongue: