Trials Gloves

Hi, im looking for a pair of full finger gloves for trials and muni. After a lot of hopping, the fingers are startin to hurt :frowning: What gloves do you guys reccomend?

I would suggest basicly any type of BMX gloves. Beware, some of the BMX gloves are a little expensive, but there are some good inexpensive ones.
You live in Issaquah? I live in Edmonds, what kind of trials moves can you do?

i have some by FOX. they were cheap ($15-20) and have served me well. The only disadvantage to padded full finger gloves is that they are hot and get smelly fairly quickly

If you’re just starting out with the hopping, you can expect your fingers to get a little sore, you just need some time to get used to it. I personally prefer fingerless gloves for several reasons including the good ventalation.

I use fingerless gloves for muni, but for trials I’ve got some full-fingered ones. The fingerless ones stop just where my fingers go round the bottom of the seat when seat-out, so together with the seat base they act as a fairly efficient saw, trying to hack my fingers off. Not good…


I bought some 661 comp gloves.

They are ace. I olny wear them for real Muni and trials. They are comfy, strong and quite breathable


I suggest THESE

MUni and Trials are two other ways to say “falling”. If you don’t protect your wrists now, then you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But some day and for the rest of your life…

If you know who I’m quoting and from which movie, then you probably already own some. If you’ve never heard that quote before, then you’re probably still invincible.

Since you’re asking about protective gear, you’re showing signs of wisdom. Good for you.

I dont sugest actual bike trials gloves for uni trials. Like the ones Monty makes. These gloves have a single peice palm and are not padded in anyway. They have awesome grip if you are using handlebars but they do little to actually protect your hands.


Someday you will be out in the woods about to conquer some difficult terrain, and you will think to yourself…

“I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and this trial.”

And THEN you will wish you had hand AND wrist protection.

Dave Lowell (uni57)

Amen, I love my Harbingers. They have saved my palms and wrists many times and have the gouges to prove it.

REI carries them in their SK8 section. May be seasonal so you may want to call first.


gloves make a lot of difference i have some light x-country gloves. one thing gloves could do alot more but as they are for bikes they are more paded around the palm then fingers.
661 gloves would be good as they make good stuff eg pads but scares can tell so many storys so many painful/funny/nasty storys

In my opinion there aren’t really any perfect gloves for unicycle trials or MUni right now, which is a bit frustrating in that gloves are arguably the most-used piece of safety gear by most riders.

I’ve been working on a new glove design that should hopefully solve this problem.

The glove design resembles a full-fingered downhill mtb glove with thicker padding in the palm area (but no plastic splint), and a Harbinger-style wrist wrap. Essentially, if you take a Harbinger wrist wrap and sew it onto a bike glove, and add extra padding to the palm, you have this glove.

The glove sample is made and is in Taiwan right now; I’ll post pictures when I finally receive it.


Kris, I really like the plastic splints. At my level at least. They prevent my wrists from taking the direct impact. Also from bending way back. The glove is merely for abrasion protection if no splints.

You have crashed way more often and violently than me, so I bow to your experteeez and R&D.

I ride, fall, hop, “jump” up only about 8 inches max. Do you need more wrist mobility to perform the bigger stunts? Also, I’m 185 pounds. 185 coming down from a crash puts 350 psi (estimated) on my wrists. You appear to weigh arount 130. But you crash harder…

I’ve got the harbingers and love em, but also two kids with various toys, so there’s always some WalMart wrist guards at arms reach.

Even with the harbingers, I (you) could remove the splints if I (you) wanted. How about that as an option?

Personally I find that the splint on the palm is uncomfortable for gripping the seat. Plus, except for cokering it’s rare to crash at speeds requiring sliding for any distance on the palm area- much more common to fall and stop.

Harbingers don’t have a splint on the strap, just the splint on the palm. In these new ones I took away the palm splint and replaced it with padding, which should be fine for any falls not involving significant sliding.

However, I added a splint to the wrist wrap, which should increase it’s support over the Harbingers. The splint is semi-flexible so it adds support without making you feel like you are wearing casts on your wrists.