Trials Fustration

Over the past of 7 months I’ve managed to get my high jump up to 60cm I managed to achieve this jump three days ago.But Yesterday I wasn’t even able to jump 50cm and the same today despite me being able to do it 95% last week. Does this happen to anybody else? and if so what can I do to tackle this?

just keep practicing. trials is frustrating. if you get truly frustrated while you hop you’ll do horrible. there’s good days and bad days. if you have a day where all you can hop is 20cm lower than your max and you’re getting mad, just try something else for the day.

What DSchmitt said is exactly what I think. However what I do on bad days is find a fairly high wall but that I’ve done loads of times. I always finds a wall that I’ve jumped on ~50 times will just appear doable and so I can nearly always do it. Once I’ve done that one jump a few times I just get comfortable with jumping and off I can go ride properly.

Oh and if it just isn’t working, go home and watch a film instead. I’ve had days like that too…

haha yeah its normal :wink: really hard to get highjump consistance… because when you for example can jump 1m consistant then you will be able to jump 105cm-110cm in a pretty good day… but that doesn’t mean you can always get it :stuck_out_tongue: (its your record for a reason…)

just ride a lot, practise all expects of trials and you will get better in no time ^^
I never practise highjump… I just ride a lot and when I’m in a really good highjump mood I try to break my record and somethimes it works, sometimes not ^^
my highjump record is still the same like last year… (120cm) but i got a lot better in static hop(105cm) and techn. trials…

Unicycling is a frustating sport! :stuck_out_tongue: Not only trials… But yeah somedays I do 90-95 about 7/10 times and other days I can’t even get my tire up on 90cm… Just keep practicing and you will get more and more consistence. If you get frustraded for real, stop riding for that day or train something else… Never continue till you get really mad !


HEHE every sport is the same in this aspect, body building, snow boarding, street boarding, mountain biking, road biking, a good day is a good day and a bad day is a bad day =D