Trials Frames

My Trials Torker DX frame snapped in half. im wondering what the warrentie is for Torkers, i purchased it off in late december 05’. if im out of the warranty then whats the bast trials frame i can get. thanks

I beleive the Torker has a lifetime warranty on the frame. Write them up and ask them, probably help if you still have POP, and the arranty booklet that came with the Torker.

Or, go and spend 50 on the Nimbus II frame, and have a really nice frame that will last you almost forever.

Oh, the Nimbus II frames from UDC will be back sometime in august.

Contact Torker first, they’re good about replacing parts free of charge.

I broke a set of cranks on my LX, and they sent me a replacement set within a week.

what were you doing that caused it to break?
just wondering, cause i was thinking about getting one, cause i dont want a round crown nimbus, and i cant spend alot of money right now, so the price is limiting me. plus i dont want to wait til 2007 for the new version.

let me know how the warranty thing with torker goes, and if they send you the improved 2007 frame as a replacement.


I can see them replacing faulty frames, but they give away free LX cranks when people break them from use and abuse?

i broke it jumping off a picknick table

Email Torker and tell them about the break. They are coming out with a new improved, reinforced trials frame for 2007 (my guess is that it will be out before then. Justin Kohse has one and is testing it hard)

i brought my unicycle to a bike store that sold products and they said they’ll get me the new 2007 frame. i should get it next week

will you have to pay for it?
or is it covered under the warranty?

hahah when i broke my frame they cut it up and welded it back together…

whats funny is they said they would replace it.

one more funny thing. they welded the seat post tube on backwards… haha

i dident have to pay for it, it was under warranty

did you ever get the new frame? if so, was it the 2007?


Lol that must be fun to test them. How high of drops is Justin doin to it? Idl ove to see how high I could drop and not worry about the uni. right now I busted my cranks on my dx the left one snapped right of. Ohh do you think theyl replace the Dx cranks?

I think that’s a first. the DX cranks seem almost indestructable.