Trials Frames

I have a new uni, I bought a Torker LX seat and I was excited about getting it but the seat post didn’t fit, now I know I can replace the seat post, but I was thinking, the frame on this is crappy, I’ll just get a frame that can accomodate a bigger seat post, so I needed to know what would be a good seat post keeping it in the lower price range, the wheelset was 80 bucks and I didn’t want to raise my costs that much, it is a Monty, the tire is pretty big, so are there some frames that can’t handle it. One frame I had in mind was the Yuni frame but it says all purpose, I’d like one that’s especially great for trials, thoughts??

i recon the nimbus 2 frame is good
if it is a 20" wheel its strong and looks good

Since I dont know what frame you have, if it takes a 22.2 seatpost then I would just get the gb4 universal seatpost
You could get the yuni, some people dont like it because it hits their knees but its pretty good and cheap i think it takes a 25.4 seatpost too (i think thats what the torker lx is)

Why don’t you just put the new seat on the old seat post that did fit in your frame?

If you really want a new frame, you need to make sure of a few things:

  1. Obviously, that your seat post will fit… unless you plan on just buying whatever fits in the the frame you end up buying.

  2. Bearings. Make sure the bearing holders are the same size at the bearings on your hub (even 2mm makes a difference), and that the distance between the bearings will fit in the frame you buy.