Trials frame

What frame should i get if i am doing trials?
the second one is 45 dollars cheaper. Is the first worth the extra 45 dollars?


im not sure if it is or not really. the KH model has basically two main advantages. a slanted crown, and its lighter. if having a more comfortable place to rest your foot while doing one foot skills, then go with the KH one. im not exactly sure how much more the summit frame weighs, but im guessing a pound or so? probably less. that weight will hold you back a little. i have the summit frame myself, and have had no problems with it so far. i dont think that the extra weight will hold you back enough thats worth 45$, but its up to you. IMHO, i would choose the summit.
see ya, Kevin

I can’t offer a comparison but I have been very happy with my Yuni frame. Its only $40, very reasonable.
Anybody know how the Yuni frame compares in weight to the KH and Summit frames?

excellent job Zim. i think the Yuni would be the way to go if all you need is a frame. i got the summit because it came with all of the splined stuff too where the Yuni didnt unless you got the profile setup which is rather expensive. so yes, i dont know how it compares to the other two in weight, but it looks like a good frame for 40$. see ya, Kevin

go with the yuni frame
its deffinetly the way to go, the summit is supposed to be heavy
compared to the kh and yuni, the only reason to get the kh would
be if you realy want the big seat tube but i dont think its worth
100 bucks. i have a yuni/profile trials setup i would totaly
recomend it.

hope that helped.


yea i think i am going with the yuni frame and thinking about the monty wheel and rim. anyone recomend that?
Anyone that has it please comment

Re: Trials frame

those frames are sooo expensive! I can get a KH uni (without the splined
crankset) for 300 bucks canadian. And they come with an alex rim, an onza tire
and a KH seat!


tarzan -
I have a Monty rim/tire with my Yuni frame. I like it a lot. Its great for trials. I remember reading about some people having problems with the tire coming off the rim. It happened to me once or twice but hasn’t in about 3 months.

I’m wondering what you’re doing for the hub because if you’re planning on getting a suzue and would like to save some money on the wheel set, I’m sorta looking to sell my wheelset and possibly frame. I’ve got to the point where I’m going to be breaking, bending, and twisting cranks a lot if I don’t upgrade to a spleened hub/crankset. Everything except the cranks are in good condition. Let me know if you’re interested (other people are welcome to be interested too).

im assuming you mean the ones from norco? those definitely look like pretty good unis for 300$, but my uniing bud bought one and he snapped the hub within two days, and the biggest thing he did was hop onto and off of a log. he was no longer happy with his purchase, but i think hes getting a new hub now.

anyways, thatwas just to let you know, Kevin

wow they finally got the frames in!!! DOPE!

Re: Trials frame

The Norco frames and the KH frames are the same. The Norco uni from any Norco
dealing LBS, doesn’t have a splined crankset, the KH ones do.


remember that you can buy the kh cranks/hub seperatly from
and get a wheel built with them

>those frames are sooo expensive! I can get a KH uni >(without the splined
>crankset) for 300 bucks canadian. And they come with an >alex rim, an onza tire
>and a KH seat!

Where can such a unicycle be bought? That is the cheapest trials uni I have ever heard of. And in Canadian dollars!

A tad off topic… but I’m sorry…
im pretty sure this is the one he means. it looks nice, but you might want to get a better hub and crankset if youre gonna buy it.
see ya, Kevin

Thanks so much! There’s even a dealer in my area. I’m so excited. All I need now is some more money. Carps.

good old M-uni :slight_smile:


i got a kh 20" for cristmas ( not profile /splined bits ) for 300$ and then for my b day i got a bedford 24" muni

Hey Zim

How much do you want for the monty wheel set and uni frame?

I might be interested, maybe.

How gnarly have your drops been?


The day I twisted my cranks, 125 mm bike euros, I did 20 or so 3’ drops and 5-10 3.5’ onto pavement all in about a half hour period. I’m sure some of the problem was due to technique as well.

As for pricing, a new monty wheelset minus cranks is about $160, and the yuni frame is $40. I did replace the rubber rimstrip with the velox stuff which adds about $1 to the cost. :stuck_out_tongue:
Both have no damage other than normal wear (scrapes on the frame tire worn down where I hop from). I’ve had them about 4 months. I’m hoping to get at least $150. How’s that sound? Make an offer.

Oh yeah, I should mention the frame is a 24". I had planned on saving money by using the same frame and seat for a muni by just switching wheelsets. I have found that it doesn’t affect trials that much, 1 foot skills feel a little bit differently but really aren’t easier or harder.


That’s too steep for me. It sounds like you have been riding it
to it’s limits. I will keep the offer in the back of my mind, though. Hope you sell it.