trials frame

I’m looking for a second frame for my Impact Reagent. I have a long neck and don’t want to cut the frame down for the kids to mess around with it. Beat up is fine but it needs to last through a couple boys until they get tall enough for the long neck. Cheap is good. Prefer 25.4 seat post as the impact is the only uni I have with the bigger post but will consider others. Shipping to 98177. Also posting for a 24" muni.

Here’s a new one for only $79. That’s significantly cheaper than the list price, I think renegade juggling has decided to stop stocking unicycles. From that price their shipping tab says that it will be 11$ shipping.

Thanks Shmolagin. I did see those but an 8 year old doesn’t need a high end frame. I figure I will just get a nimbus frame if nobody has one on here. It will probably be seeing a hacksaw before we are done so cheap is good.

pm sent

Matt I’ve got a deal for you… :slight_smile:

Pm sent Anton.

Still looking for a frame.

PM sent

Just got an expensive frame from Anton but he threw in the rest of the unicycle with it:D