trials frame upgrade

I am looking to lose some weight on my qu’ ax, and i though i’d get a new frame, but i wasn’t sure what to go with, so, suggestions?

Kris Holm frame, Qu-Ax aluminum.

you can lose the most weight off your pedals though, not your frame.

Ti Frame:

Mag Pedals:

Ti Frame:

yeah, that frame looks great, but shipping from the uk would be a bit much i think

Na, like $30.

ohh cool, how much for one of the frames?

They will be available in around 6 months and will be around 200GBP (500US).

hahaha its a really nice frame, but cost soooo much.

I’m getting it for christmas:D .

wow nice.
Your getting it after it comes out as a Christmas present? or did you able to get one early?

Whenever the frame’s out, I’ll get it. (I’ve also helped my family roof all summer, so I deserve it.)

It is worth it, every single penny. If you break 2 kh (400) frames ot even crack them they are done. Well basically, and will be weak unless you go through some crap processes. With ti you can re-weld the crack and your done, if you can in-fact crack it. So why not just get one expensive frame that will last forever rather than a couple good frames that will last for less of a time so you need to buy more?

Looks like I now what I am going to get with my summer job this up coming year:D.

Is Ti really that good, I mean I know its good but is it really that hard to crack, bend, brake …?

the question is, would you break two kh frames ?

mmm… wow thats alot, i might as well just get a kh trials unicycle

How do you brake a frame seriously…You guys are hard on your unicycles or the frame sucks… :roll_eyes:

Or… we aren’t 13 and weigh 80 pounds.

haha i guess. but still how do you brake a frame and a seat?

Seats are plastic, so landing hard on your seat (failing street tricks) or putting tons of force on them when landing a drop, gap will break it. Basically, bad form breaks a seat.

The frames break from abuse over a long time, or from recently, flatland trick, where you are putting all your weigh onto one foot and that one foot is at the weld of the seat tube. Some frames will hold up to a higher side force than others.

Yeah, A ti will last like forever so why not? Plus there is that whole bamf factor with ti.