Trials For Little People

Hey all, I have a friend who is realy short (4 foot 7 inches) and rides a 16 inch. He realy likes trials, but the U-levels used to rate trials courses are based on someone more average size, so I scaled down the levels to fit a 16 inch wheel, instead of a 20 inch.
I thought I would post it here just incase anyone else was looking for somthing similar. So here it is—

16 inch u-levels.wps.txt (83 Bytes)

This is all I got:

International Unicycle Trials Levels Scaled To A 16 Inch Unicycle


It is supposed to have a chart. I wrote it in a different program, but for some reason the cart didnt show up when I transfered it. It was basicaly the U-system with everything multiplyed by .8 and then rounded to the nerest inch (or 1/4 of a foot for gaps and drops over 2 feet) sorry about that, I still can’t seem to get it to work. I guess I will just write it out.
<4’’ sidehops
<8’’ drops
8’’ sidehops
16’’ drops
9 ½’’ wide beams
12’’ sidehops or rolling hops
20’’ drops
7 ¼’’ wide beams
16’’ sidehops or rolling hops
3 foot drops to easy terrain
4 ¾’’ wide beams
2 ½ foot gaps between easy landings
Seat out in front hoping and dropping
24’’ pedal grabs
19’’ sidehops and rolling hops
4 foot drops
3 foot gaps between easy landings
Seat out in front requiring accuracy
30 inch hops with odd landings
3 foot drops to odd landings
4 ¾ foot drops
4 foot gaps
Rolling hops onto odd surfaces
<30’’ pedal grabs on less than ideal surfaces
24’’ sidehops or rolling hops
5 ½ foot drops
4 foot drops requiring precision
Requiring 2 hard moves in a row
28’’ sidehops or rolling hops
32’’ pedal grabs
Pedal grabs that go to rubber on odd surfaces
Multiple hard moves in a row
Riding straight smaller than tire width
Same as U-7 but bigger moves or moves requiring greater precision

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