Trials event in nottingham?

hi, i was thinking about organising some sort of unicycle weekend at some point, with trials, street and freestyle competitions.
it would be held somwhere in long eaton, near nottingham, would probably take place on a saturday.
so how many people would be interested?

Hi mate,

I organised a trials competition a little while back so I sort of know what is involved, although it was nothing like as big as Teescycle or BUC.

Do you have a venue? Most places that will let you run something like this will require you to have Public Liability Insurance. This is fairly expensive, if you can find a company that will cover you.
It also is quite difficult to find enough decent stuff for running a trials comp. I thought it would be easy, but sourcing and transporting enough stuff to your venue is a nightmare! I can’t imagine what getting hold of a street course would be like!

Anyway, not trying to put you off, just some points you might not have thought of. It is great fun and very rewarding though.


edd, i have had your facebook for ages, i was giving you advice when you where asking about liability insurance XD i don’t know that much about street, so probably scrap that tbh. i have some rough ideas of venues, but i wanna see who would come before i start making huge plans.