Trials Discussion Thread

One thing I don’t see enough in trials vids is gaps to rails. It is insanely hard.

I still can’t pedal grab :angry: . Any tips?

ahh pedal grabs about 2 weeks ago i could do it like all the time and now i cant do it for beans. I think when im bigger i will be able to do it some easier…because on my 16" I can do it everytime.

Im having a hard time wondering what new unicycle I should get…Mostly Trials.

These are my options.

2007 Kris Holm KH20

Koxx White Widow

What do you say?

In how many thread do you want to ask it.

For mostly trials go for the KH (for trials and flat i also would go for the KH). It has the same strenght and is lighter.

So, who uses 145mm without q-factor on there trial?
What are the pro’s and the cons about it?
Question is because I might put some Qu-ax 145mm “cross” cranks on mine trial, because of the weight profit (will save like 300gram)

Peter M

Seriously? It only took about 30-45 mins of constant practice to get them for me, but everyone’s differenent.

You can do them different ways.

First way: Land on your pedal, and start swinging the uni back and forth slowly to get momentum. Then on the last swing, make the pedal conect with your foot when cranks are around horzontal. Now just tuck the uni a little and combine with the momentum you got and your up. I think of this way as how Ryan Atkins used to do them, like in this short vid. (on the white rail)

Second way: This is how I prefer to do them. Instead of swinging the uni up and then connecting foot to pedal, you are going to land on the ledge (or whatever) and bring the uni up so the cranks are horizontal. Put your foot on the pedal, and lower the uni a few inches, but keep your foot on. Now just bring your foot, leg, and the uni up and tuck.

Hope I helped.

What do you think of this hop? Its from quite a while ago but I dont feel my technique has changed too much since. Any advise or tips would be great.

think of pedal grabbing as ollieing up with your uni.

This helped a lot, thanks a bunch. I’m going to make a box, see how it fairs.

Peace, thanks again Max, for the awesome post.


Be sure to try both ways.

just try every now and then. Thats what i did, and one day it just hit me and i could do it.

speakin of trials i need to get a new trials uni.

What are you getting?

I can gap much farther SIF than SI, without a prehop mind you. Even if your seat is super low (which can be bad on the back as well as the knees) SIF allows you more compensation in terms of balance when sustaining landing forces for any kind of gapping. Having said that, I do think it’s good to keep both riding techniques in your palette. It gives you more options in your riding if you can quickly go between the two, for situations involving very quick technical movements along a series of small objects (mostly in natural riding), lines involving large amounts of balance (rails, skinnies, rail/skinny gaps, etc) where you might be riding along, gapping onto or off of or from something narrow without much room to correction hop or pause; or, if you incorporate a street style into your trials.

So, for example, if you do a lateral gap SIF onto a skinny, you’re going to want to know how to get your balance, get that seat under you, get your weight focused on the seat and not on the pedals, and ride along that skinny. At the end of riding it, you might have to gap onto something else, and you’ll want to get your seat back out and gap (depending on the size, angle, distance of the object and the gap).

Hope that makes sense. I’ve been plagued by allergies and a minor head cold as of late, making my brain rather foggy.


I can gap further if I do it SIF but I think it is mostly a mind problem. Generaly I think you can gap better SI because I often smash my chin on the seat at the landing.

I used to find gapping SI easier than SIF when I wasnt very confedent SIF but now I gap SIF and find I can gap further, now it seems more effort when I go back to SI when I can jump and gap further SIF.

I try to get used a little bit more to SI gaps because there is no chance to hit a big gap drop seat out. I tryed once a 2m gap with 2m drop in it seat out and it hurt me a lot.

i just learned to hop up four pallets:) and i droped off nine and this is all with a sprained foot. i want to go for a 10-12 pallet drop when my foot gets better!

Hey how tall are you…good job on the 4 pallets.

I got my Trials uni back…And tommorow im going to make one challenging trials course and ride it…Might post pics even…I am really excited.