Trials Difference

I have a 20’’ DX right now and I’m just wondering, would a better uni make THAT much of a difference. If the DX is holding up fine and nothing is bent or broken then how would a better uni help? Or would it?

I wouldn’t worry about upgrading your uni until something breaks, it really doesn’t make that much of a difference except that a lighter uni would make hopping a little easier.

Hawo Magixause, in regards to your question. I too had a DX and was very happy with it because of the frame being near indestructible at best. So unless something does break beyond repair on it. I say stay with it.

BTW what other unicycles did you have in mind if you don’t mind me asking???

stick with the dx until your real good with it and then buy a high end uni. it will give you a big jump start.

I totally agree with Riley here.

Sounds good. I mean I’m pretty good, but it’s working ok for me so I’ll just wait.

And how good would that be?

Some examples? Trials and/or street skill levels?

I don’t think theres some specific stage where everyone should upgrade. You just kind of know it when the time comes.

Like when the tire is anoyingly folding over the rim, for eg.?

that just means it’s time for a new tire/tube or time to pump up the tire…

Or a wider rim.

that too

I dont think that works well, because at first, I wasnt folding over at all, then for a little bit, I was folding over, and from there it was every now and then, and then for the last few months of riding my DX, I didnt fold once.

I broke my frame pretty early on my DX, but that problem was fixed with the frames they have on them now. I did lots to that uni. 8-sets, lots of wrecks from muni which would cause the uni to flip around a lot when hitting all the rocks, and some 6-8 foot drops, and tons of 3-5 foot drops. After I think a year of doing that, the right hub finally started to come loose and flop around and I would have to tighten it up a lot to keep it on without it moving.

(It will probably be fixed pretty easily with locktite or something lol. Hmm, If that works im going to sell it for probably $70)

I went and got the 2007 KH 20" and honestly, I didnt feel the weight when I was riding it. When I was holding it or jumping I kinda felt it, but its not a huge difference. Jumping didnt get any higher, and most street stuff didnt get any easier either for me. It did feel better to ride and jump with though.

Id say my upgrade from DX to Kh was pretty worth it. The KH is stronger, and im hoping it will last longer than a year with the same abuse, or heavier abuse than what I was doing on my DX. Its also ISIS and 36 holed, so more compatible, but that doesn’t bother me, cause im not looking to ever interchange parts.

I think the weight difference will be hard to tell. The different q-factor, pedals, seat, different length cranks, etc. will make a much bigger difference of how it feels and it will take time to get used to. It is always nice to have a realy light uni though.

Frames make pretty much zero difference in terms of ‘feel’. But lighter weights do help.

The biggest factors are things like crank length, and especially saddle height and thickness.

Super thick saddles make seat-out hopping feel like crap, whilst ridiculously thin saddles make it feel way nicer.

Seat height is probably actually the most important factor come to think of it. The whole feel and style of the uni can change drastically depending on how high you run the saddle. Ultra high for seat-out hopping equals horribly retarded feeling for anything seat-in. Super-low saddle makes seat-in trials so piss easy and can feel a bit funny for seat-out hopping at first, but only at first.

Really? Why? How? Can you give us examples?

Try this. Put 2 lbs of stones in your pocket and jump up and down.

Now empty your pocket. Repeat the exercise. (This should simulate the difference between a 15 lb and a 13 lb unicycle.)

Let me know how that goes for you.

it’s a mental effect… it feels like that for a while… I know when I hop around on a KH after hopping around on my DX it feels a lot easier, it doesn’t improve my height or anything just feels easier.

i believe that all weight does is improve your confidence…

With little weight differences like a DX to a KH, then of course its more mental than physical.

Now if we went from a 25 pound uni to a 15 pound uni. They would be a different story. =p

pump ur tyre up and raise ur seat… that makes a difference for sure