Trials Demos next weekend in Glen Mills PA, and State College, PA

Hi All,

Turns out I’ll be doing a couple of informal trials demos in Pennsylvania next weekend. It would be great to meet some local riders if you’re interested in coming.

Event times are:

Sat. May 7, 2pm
Trail Creek Outfitters Annual Tech Fest,
507 Glen Mills Square
Glen Mills, PA

Sun. May 8, from 1-3pm
Central Parklet,
State College, PA.

Like I said I think it’s pretty informal; a couple of fun events put on by some local hiking/climbing shops. I think they’ll put up a slackline at the Sun. event, which should be lots of fun.



Shit. I live in State College, PA during the school year, but that ends Saturday. I also live like 10 minutes from Glen Mills when I’m at home, but I’ll be on the road then. :frowning: I’ll try to figure something out.

Kris Holm comes to not one, but 2 of my doorsteps and I am unable to meet him there. :frowning:

i want to go so bad but im grounded :frowning: this realy sucks

Me to but well, Cali is not very local…:wink:

I think I could make the three hour drive…


i think ill be there

I’ll be at the one in Glen Mills.

one day obie one day you will meet him

I’ve met him a few times.

i think i will probably be at the glen mills one

all of unicycle pa (5 members now)will be there

Looks like there might be a few of hours to go for a MUni ride after the demo on the Saturday, between 3:30 and 5:30. Anyone interested?

Brian Maw mentioned this trail in Glen Mills.,States,Trails/Pennsylvania/PRD_169924_4573crx.aspx



unipa would definatly want to go

not to be rude or anything but is there goin to any materials given away or be able to purchased.

Yes I will be in for a muni ride and I am open to other places but please keep in mind the limited time frame. This means the ride has to be very close to the trials demo site. I have never been on a ride in this area so if anyone in the Phila. area can check it out before Saturday that would be great. I found the park by looking on If you read the reviews at the link Kris posted you can get directions.
See you on Saturday

Actually now it looks like I have to be at the store until 4 and am driving to State College some time after that, so I don’t think it’s possible to squeeze a MUni ride in. Too bad- wish there was more time!