Trials Cranks

I’m going to get a Nimbus Trials for my birthday this month and saw that people said that the cranks stripped. Could this problem be solved by getting new cranks, and if so which ones?(I don’t know much a cranks and crank brands.)


If you strip the cranks, you’ll probably bend the hub too… it’s not splined. There is the option of just re building the wheel with a splined hub and crankset… or just buy a Qu-Ax… the Nimbus is so much cheaper because the hub is just a square tapered hub.

If that uni came with a splined crankset it’d be a lot better… everything else is there except the right hub.


well I think that if you are gonna buy a trials uni you should get at-least osomething splined…

even though the SPLINED Qu-Ax uni on UDC is backordered into late september, it has really good reviews. i ordered one, and now i can’t wait to see it get here in the mail. From what i’ve heard, the picture in the site does it no justice, and the thing performs as good as it looks.

I agree… I have the muni version and it’s great.

ya good buy

what size would you recommend?

for the cranks ?


I think my 140mm kh/onza cranks is a bit to long, but i’m not planning to buy a pair of shorter cranks, too expensive!

I’lg probably get a par of 5" instead…

I like the 140mm’s I have on my KH. Trials is about control, and that means a large crank-length to wheel-diameter ratio.

i like the 140s i have on my trials, if i was better/more “street” focused i’d probably get a pair of 127s. more speed, better turning, all that freestyle crap.