Trials Cranks - Length? Splined?

I recently pulled a pedal out of a pair of 140 mm Lasco cranks on my trials uni. Now the quest begins to find the perfect solution to the problem: Which cranks and which length?

Is 125 too short for trials? It seems that 140s are what most folks are using. I’m considering the 125 Dotek, CNC machined cranks. I’ve only used the 140s and have gotten used to this length. However, I don’t find that I really need the torque of the extra length and perhaps the 125s would be even stronger. And then there is the endless question, should I spring for a new splined hub/crank and go with the KH set-up. I only weigh 150 lbs. and I’m an old guy. I care more about my ankles ad hips than I do about my cranks/hubs but I still don’t want to be replacing the uni gear every 6 months. Is the Suzue/Dotek set-up OK to withstand a max drop of 3’?

I’ve seen a 150 lb guy do a 3 foot drop with my Pashley 26" with Suzue hub and 170mm Kooka cranks. No problems. I did need to tighten a crank nut a couple of days later but I don’t know if the two were related. So those cranks would put more stress on the Suzue hub than shorter ones.

I don’t have any experience with drops with the Doteks.

One advantage of the Profile splined setup is the huge number of crank lengths available (ten in total).

The cost of a wheel build, new hub, cranks, and new set of spokes can be easily over $100, plus the downtime and the lack of confidence in your gear while you are using it. If you add the $100 into your hub from the start, to me it makes the difference right away.

Aargh! You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Stop it, I can’t afford them, I don’t need them…

Must… resist…


Resistance is a few tiles.

The tiles didn’t make it =(

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I know when I went riding with Joe Rowing on his Onza (140mm splined cranks) he had problems turning it tightly because the cranks hit the floor if you had the wrong pedal position.

Won’t that be even worse with the shortest (145mm) profile cranks?

Okay, I can see you don’t do the tight rolling turns much in urban trials riding, but if you wanted to do some offroad trials more clearance might be nicer?

I don’t have a trials specific uni at all so I might be just totally wrong.


I weigh like 140lbs and I just bent 2 pairs of 125 cranks in a weekend, (see broken equipment post) The second time I think was off of a 3 foot drop.

If your gonna do stuff like that your gonna bend and break stuff with even short cranks. The 125’s are really short and dont give you much leverage on hills and on rocks and natural trials.

The 140 Doltek cranks Might work ok and you at least get a nice length for trials.

I’m deffenally gonna get a splined set up this time I cant afford going through more equpiment like this…


I really don’t trials that much but have never had a problem with this, and neither have I heard of it being a problem. The tight turns and such are more for freestyle or hockey etc… On my freestyle 125s are almost too long because they get in the way wheelwalking (at least they do for me now).

I’m going to pull the 125’s off my 24 freestyle and replace them with 140’s, if you wanna try 'em, Tommy.

And the answer is Yes: spend as much money as your wife will allow. :slight_smile:


Hey Christopher,

Thanks for the offer. I already took the plunge and opted for the 125 Doteks. I should have them for practice on Thursday. I do have some new steel 140 mm Schwinn cranks if you want to give them a roll. I could put them in the post today, if you want them.

I have this sinking feeling that another splined hub is in my future. I’ll buy cheap macs and cheese, socks only when they are on sale, and cut the budget where I can but when it comes to buying cheap uni-gear I have the hardest time! I especially hate it when $67 for a pair of cranks is “cheap uni-gear.” A trials wheel re-build with a KH hub/crank set-up is looking like a $200 hit. Geez, I’m glad I’m still selling off my cycling stuff to pay for my “simplified” uni-adventure.

Hang on to 'em tell you come down for the race. :slight_smile:

I hope to test my ‘secret weopon’ for staying ahead of you at Foresthill this week end (sadly, Lewis doesn’t understand why I need to test hip-checking when we ride, so I have to pretend accidents with the local bi-pedalers).


Oh, OK, I get it. I see how it will be. This will be a replay of the classic MUC/DUC match-up. I was hoping that we might send young Sam on in front and then the rest of us (MUC and DUC)block for him and hold-off the mountain bikers. Perhaps you could teach us all how to body-check without snaging the handlebars.

I will hold these for you, if you decide you want to try to steel 140s.

I just put on the pair of Dotek 125s. Beautifully finished and the 125s seem to work great. I don’t think, after a few minutes, I’ll miss the torque of the 140s. Testing will begin in earnest in the morning, after the rain passes. I’m very optimistic!