trials crank legth

what do people have on a 20" trials
i’ve got 150’s which give loads of control which is cool
what does any1 else use
does any1 know where to get hold of 140mm cranks suitable for doin some high jumps

for unitrials(.de) i use 140mm cranks on my onza unicycle. on my first trials unicycle i rode normal 125mm cranks which are normally on kid’s bicycles… . for trials are the 140mm better because of control at difficult lines. for getting speed to jump on a obstacle are the shorter cranks better…


145s for me.

145 here too, you’ll find alot of people have 140 or 145 if they are into alot of trials, because for a Splined crank thats as short as they come, and the 145’s give you a solid platform for landing and taking off

150’s should be fine, you are just going to have to watch your pedal strikes when you turn and bending the cranks if they are not splined.

I used 125’s for a long time, but feel they are too short for trials because they have dont give you enogh leverage on rocks and other slopes.