trials course

ok, i haven’t been on much recently cause i’ve been working on a small trials course in my backyard. i havent actually seen one in person before, so everything i built was inspired by movies i’ve seen. what do you think / any suggestions? (ps, i know 3 days to build something so small is pathetic, but the everything is from scratch)

trials.doc (944 KB)

trials2.doc (944 KB)

trials3.doc (946 KB)

It looks good.

I still need to start building a course in my yard.

it looks good. you need to make some stuff you can’t do where you will have a challenge

it looks pretty good. as you progress you can start making some more challenging obstacles so you have something to accomplish.

i’ve actually never even been on a real course before, so most of whats there is a challenge.

can you put the pics in your gallery bbecause for some reason my computer won’t let me opern those

My son started building one in our yard, he also uses alot of the natural debry in the back yard to ride on also. In a way it almost more a muni course, minus a few things.

yes, the pics are now in the gallery:

thats a pretty sweet coarse, I’m in the middle of building one right now and it dosen’t look half as good as that:D nice work!

Looks better than my feeble attempt at a trials course!

Mine consisted of;
a recycling bin
four cinderblocks
two or three 2"x4"s
a plank laying accross another peice of wood (like a seesaw)
and some other silly things

Your’s is great. I really should get some pallets…I keep telling myself that I will, but I have yet to actually do it.

I go to a local skatepark sometimes, but it would be really fun to have a nice trials course in the side yard.

The best way to get pallets is to go to the biggest stores in your area, like a walmart, k-mart. My k-mart is actually better pallet wise then my walmart.

They get tons of pallets a day, and they just put them in the bake to ahve them thrown away or recycled. Ask their manager if you can have them. Most likely hell say yes. Get a truck and loud up. then youll have about 50 pallets to use. =p

my parents bricked this little path through my yard, and the bricks came on pallets, thats where i got mine from.

i might do that idea jerrick. theres a coles near here ( coles is like a big food stsore ). do you just rock up and ask the manager person for some pallets?

Yeah, usually the manager isnt just walking around, so you gotta ask an employee to go get him\her. Then just talk to the manager about what you plan on doing with them and what not and ask nicely for them, and youll most likely get them.

Or you could steal them… lol. Actually even smaller stores, like coffee shops and little places like that would probably be nicer to let you have them. Youll just have to go to more stores to stock up on them.

Oh, on the top of the pallets your jumping on, I would nail down a piece of plywood, cause I brake the wooden planks a lot, and with a layer of plywood, it will save the pallets for a long time.

i work at a hardware store, and we have TOWERS of pallets lying around, so tomorrow at work i’m going to go and get some.

I think its beautiful to see towers of pallets.

At my main spot I ride ‘The Lion’ It is behind a K-mart, so everytime I go there, theres stacks of pallets, and everytime I se them I get shiver and ride my fastest to them. Then I get a huge adrenaline rush as the course is complete.

Last time I rode there, there were 82 pallets, I dont even think I used half of that lol.

i’ll have to set up a course around my house with pallets and whats not. what wood do you guys use for those skinnys (i think thats what theyre called, the little skinny pieces of wood between pallets).

You can use 2x4’s, just make sure they are well supported, mainly at the ends, and in the middle of the boards, and so they dont wobble or fall over.

if you don’t want skinnies to fall over just nail 'em down. works real well

being non-american :stuck_out_tongue: what exactly is a 2x4. i mean i know that it is 2 inchs high and 4 inchs fat and comes in lengths. what type of wood is it?