trials course

i have desided to make a trials course instead of a trails course. i was wondering a few question

  1. what all would i need
  2. how much would it cost
    3.where all can i get the stuff because there is no houses being built or construction going on close to where i live.

the reason i am doing this is because i would like both but i would like i trials course a whole lot more and i did my last thread completely wrong because i wasn’t really sure about the difference and i messed the whole thing up but now i know so im good

well theres always walmart they always have mountains of pallats that there usually ok about givving away …then theres the junk yard…the last time i was there i wasnt looking 2 get any thing for a trials course but i did see some awsome things that would make great obstacles rails ect and since its a junk yard usually its a cheep price thats nagotiable so it wont cost you a whole lot but i dont think you could do the entire thing for free…o and garage sales some times sell tables that are made out of stong wood that you could cut …i dunno i just notice these things…but a junk yard is a must i say

i didn’t think about a junk yard. i could probably ge some good stuff since my grandpa works at one

u go to any business and they will push pallets on u but u have to worry about ur dad gettin mad at u for leavin them on his nice green lawn

me and my friends “browed” a massive box made kinda like plattets but was a cube… we made a skate ramp out it of

just go “borrow” some wood

just go “borrow” some wood

dont steal it just ask and thell give it to u

ha but i gave it back so i didnt steel it.
and we did ask and they didnt

yes, nobody has ever been hurt by “borrowing”, i "borrow’ from the dump alot since all the signs say “no scavinging” and my dad don’t care 'cause it cost him less money that way:D