trials course pics

Hi guys I want to build a trials course and need to show my dad some examples
of trials courses to get him to approve this project so I need any pics and ideas of trials couses

Thanks Nick

Do you have a large peice of property or do you live in the suburbs. If you live in the suburbs, I just built a trials course that I could take pictures of.

I live on 80 acers of buch trials and open areas

I live on 80 acers of buch trails and open areas but I would like to see pics of you course

Cool. I’ll take pics of my course when i can, (currently its raining really bad out, and its dark, same with tomorrow). When i can get out and uni, i’ll take some pics for you.

try asking your father for use of pallets and wood boards. Those work great and have the ability to be swapped around.

yup living on a farm I got 100000000 palets

Search. Theres a few threads about this, and one of them has the links to all the others, and lots of great pictures in them.


Like Jerrick said, try searching for “Trials course” - lots of good results come up.

This is the best trials course I’ve ever seen.

I’ll take some pictures of mine tommorrow, I like it because all the stuff is easy to carry around, that way you can mix it up for different lines. Maybe I’ll just make a video of it.

I just have like 6 pallets in my front yard =)
It’s good enough for me, and if I need other things, I just ride around and find something intresting!

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This is the thread for you!