Trials- Course One...

My backyard trials course…just displaying novice skills so the skill isn’t the best, but my next trials should display alot better skills, and tell me what you think of the music, thanks :wink:

You should’ve made that vid 30 seconds to a minute long. 2 angles would’ve been enough. Looks like you’re making good inprovement. I’m not a trials expert but I think you should probably stick to SI for now and also hold the seat with your other hand for SIF so you can balance better.

For the 30-60 seconds, Ducttape has re-mixed it and is uploading it to youtube with less angle clips.

I will do SI later :slight_smile:

I haven’t been using the other hand but now I hop to the left instead of right with my right hand thanks to Padst8r

nice, but if you jump far, you should jump to side where your hands aren’t…
In case you need to jump to the left :wink:
and also for pedalgrabs(later) :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you understand me (bad english):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still resolving upload problems with my remix, it’s the same amount of footage just rearranged. Sorted out the upload problems I didn’t do much except move clips around but here’s my result.

you’ll have to click the link to the embedded video. it seems to not be working here but the link takes you to the working video.

He hops to the left with his right hand now cause i told him he would have trouble doing it the other way.I taught him how to tuck and he hopped 4 pallets LOL