Trials Course Ideas

Probably one of the best things that you can do for trials is to build your own stuff using wood and nails. Try and find some people who are doing renovations and have scrap wood around and ask them if it’s alright to take some wood. Nails are cheap. Get some. And when you have all that. Build a ladder. Not a “ladder” ladder. But a mountain bike ladder like you see in the movies.

I have a few pictures of my trials course hosted here:

My course consists of pallets, spools, and a rail I made this weekend.

I agree, ladders are really fun. I’ve built one as well. ‘gbarnes’, where did you get those spools??? I’d love to get a few of them but I don’t have a clue where. Nice photos!

it dawned on me today,that if you really look at a spool,they would’nt be that hard to make.maybe i can make some and sell them to like gb does with his stuff<just kidding>not hard to make though really…:slight_smile: