Trials Course Ideas

I was wondering what everyone else uses for trials when they’re building their own courses. I tried using a ladder today and it was great! I’ve also set up some long rails above the ground to balance along. I used some sleepers that the local hardware was giving out and carried one of them about 1 kilometre to the bike shop where I work part time. It weighed more than 20 kilos so I was pretty buggered after that but it was worth it. The milkman also gave me a couple of milk crates to use.

It’s really fun hopping up the ladder with your wheel in between the steps. I’m also going to try hopping up it with the wheel on the steps but I think I need a bit more practice before I do that.

Where does everyone get their materials from, and what do they use them for?

Andrew Carter

Photo of the setup:

nice photo’s.i predict a crank death or wheel fold any day now.:smiley: <jinx>

Yeh. The hub’s already bent and the cranks are a bit twisted but I’m just holdong out until I get myself a Yuni 20" trials unicycle!

Re: Trials Course Ideas

The milkman??? Do you live in 1953?

I have GOT to go to England!

I predict ladder death.

They weren’t delivering for our house but yeh, some people get milk delivered each morning in Australia. The ladder is a little bit bent but I’m pretty light and I put things under it to support it. Back to my question though, what does everyone use for trials materials and what do you use them for? (what sort of obstacles)

We have a bunch of logs and railroad ties set up in the back, but I’m the only one who unicycles. For trials I set the ties apart and try gapping and climbs up onto the few picnic tables out there too. of course there’s always public places, stairs, parks concrete stuff too… then you get the public balking…:slight_smile:


Thanks, that sounds like heaps of fun. What are railroad ties?

those 2 brown ramps in my picture are railroad beams ‘ties’ . They lay them underneath the tracks to support the tracks when they build the railroads. you can usually find old ones around any big city.


I think what Americans call railroad, “ties,” the English call, “sleepers.” I’m not sure if that is the term used by railroads in the Land of Milkmen and Roos. Many railroads in places other than America switched to using concrete ties / sleepers instead of the treated wooden ties / sleepers shown in the picture above.

Ok, that makes sense. You may be surprised to hear that I don’t actually ride a kangaroo to school:) . Anyone else have any suggestins for trials things?

not having a garden i have to make do with the bounty of nature (well,the bouty of the town planning department)

my trials course includes the majority of the surounding town, some things are great, like benches, walls, bins, kirbs, steps, and a myriad of bizare arcitectural features that seem to serve little purpose other than to have me jump on them.

unfortunatly i haven’t found any good places to grind yet, i’m trying to do it on benches but they seem too grippy.

sometimes an old man will tell you that benches are for sitting on, when that happens i just go somewhere else.

Thanks evilewan

hey if you can avoid the police go downtown north quey in brisbane theres some good ledges and rails, watch out theres a police beat on the subway/ pizza hut side, (the side opposite the mall)

Thanks, where do you live?

look at my location,

I’m just wondering how you know about Brisbane. I’m sure this is a stupid question but where’s Alberta?

i was in austrailia all summer (i actually saw 2 unicyclist while i was there) Yes Alberta is in Canada… the one above america

Thanks, but I’m not that bad:)