trials course ideas

my parents are all about keeping the yard looking nice, so i have struggled and struggled to find a way to keep a decent and simple trials course. after a little thinking, i came up with this idea.

this course isn’t about jumping high at all, in fact its about holding the balance point on skinnies and being able to jump skinny to skinny, which is exactly what i need practice at. so what i did was set the 2x4’s up on end, and set the skill saw to cut half way through the board (cutting down the inch in a half side) and do the same with another board and then just connect them together like linkon logs. but it is really simple and no nails required. I can take mine apart and put it back together in 5min. here is what i am talking about. if anyone where to build this, leave some room over hanging the corners, gives it the extra strength.

if anybody has any other ideas please submit some.

How did you cut the notch? I understand the two vertical cuts, but how did you make the bottom horizontal cut, with the chisel I see in the pic?


Sandwich boards are awesome because they work both for gapping (if set up in parallel) or balance lines (if lined up end-to-end), and because they can easily be folded away.
Note that if you cut away the middle so that they sit on the corners, they are more stable on uneven ground. Also, it helps a lot if the cord holding the bottom edges together is non-stretchy. Use at least 5/8" thick plywood.


I made a tutorial on building sandwich boards and other obstacles as well:

I made a tutorial on building sandwich boards and other obstacles as well:

like i said in the paragraph, i set the skill saw to cut halfway through the board, but what i did leave out on accident, is when you cut your marks for the width of the cut, you make multiple cuts in between where you marked for the width. its hard to describe, but you make several cuts, then you take the chisel and knock out the whole cut. its really easy, just not easy to explain,LOL.

I don’t think there’s much in this thread that is easily set up and put away, but it’s worth a go.

I’m visualizing an idea for a cool portable, ground based skinny, mostly for beginners. It’s made up of several pieces of 2x4s and is hinged in segments that unfold into whatever angle you want, from a zig zagg pattern, to a square, a big “W” or whatever, using straight lines. Then it could easily be folding back up for easy storage. I might just try this later today. :slight_smile:

wow, you know, I think that would work. that is a really good idea,lol. but you can only connect so many boards together before it starts getting big and heavy.

Cool idear! I might have to make a smaller version for my friens trilas course.

Heavy is fine, since it’s always on the ground.