trials course ideas

my parents are all about keeping the yard looking nice, so i have struggled and struggled to find a way to keep a decent and simple trials course. after a little thinking, i came up with this idea.

this course isn’t about jumping high at all, in fact its about holding the balance point on skinnies and being able to jump skinny to skinny, which is exactly what i need practice at. so what i did was set the 2x4’s up on end, and set the skill saw to cut half way through the board (cutting down the inch in a half side) and do the same with another board and then just connect them together like linkon logs. i am not the best at discribing stuff, but it is really simple and no nails required. I can take mine apart and put it back together in 5min. here is what i am talking about.

if anybody has any other ideas please submit some.

Pictures don’t work.

check the other thread, i fixed it. srry.