Trials competition rules

I have a question about the rules in a uni trials comp.
Sometimes when I do a crank/pedal grab on an object and get a little too much weight forward I put the handle of the seat down on the object, to save me from falling off. Is this ok in a competition? Or will I have to practice my pedal grabs more? :stuck_out_tongue:

That is not ok in competitions.
Even in daily life, if I do a line and somewere I touch the handle or my hand on a object I just bail out and try again.
I just hait doing line not the right way, feels cheating.

Peter M

Why should the handle not be ok? its a part of the unicycle…

Allowing any part of the cycle except the tire, rim, spokes, crank arms, pedals, bottom bracket, bashguard or
bearing housings to touch the ground.

only this parts are allowed to touch the obstacles or the floor (iuf 2008 rules but it was the same before)

What part of the unicycle is supposed to be the bashguard?

I shall hereby put a bashguard in the front of my saddle



I believe it’s okay as long as no part of your body touches the object or the ground.

Lutz quoted the relevant passage above. The term bashguard is meant to cover any unicycle that has a protective bumper system under the bearings to prevent damage to them. Touching any part of the seat to the ground (or an obstacle) would constitute a dab.

If Trials rules allowed using the seat as a second point of balance, it sure would change the strategy of the game! Might be interesting, but as soon as you have more than one weight-bearing point of contact with the ground it stops being unicycling. We use a similar definition for Freestyle judging, to determine what’s a “unicycle trick” and what’s otherwise just “style points.”

The IUF rules are here. The 2008 edition is still under review but any changes to the Trials rules are fairly minor and don’t affect that section.