Trials competition in Maryland

I was wondering how many people would come to a competition if me and a friend set one up. We may possibly do a muni ride too. It would be about a half an hour north of D.C.

We would have plenty of obstacles to ride on from hopping posts and sandwich board to platforms and an unlimited amount of pallets. I think we could easily setup a course comparable to the one at Motorama (for those of you who went).

i would

I’d go for sure

Cool, anyone else??? Frank would any other riders from the richmond area come? We may make it a two day event.

I’d probly come :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Evidently Hunter taught a bunch of his friends to ride, kind of a second generation HoW gang, but I’ve never seen them. The old pros Nick Mullin and the Brothers Glazer have given it up completely as far as I know. My fiancee, Wendy, might come up though.

If its in maryland, my mom should be able to take me and 2 or 3 of my other uni friends.

Somebody want to throw a date out there?

If its too soon I wont be able to go because of my po’lice encounter today and my angry mom.

I would definitely go if I could get a ride up there from UNC somehow. Might be able to convince one of my friends to drive me up and watch or something. When were you all thinking about having it? I would only be able to if its during the school year.

Kevin McMullin

I know it’s been about a year since this thread was started, but is there any possibility of something similar happening in the future?

wish I would have Unicycle’d back then, I just moved from MD to Arizona

I doubt i will come unless everything falls in place

Well there’s gonna be a trials comp outside of Philly in mid May, see this thread for details: PA trials competition!!!.

I am thinking of planning a trials ride in DC sometime late spring or summer. Might add on a muni ride at one of the three Great Falls trails if there is interest.