Trials Comp/Muni ride - Richmond, VA

I’m definitely doing Sport. Expert and Pro aren’t really feasible on a unicycle, bikes just have a mechanical advantage when it comes to things like hop height. I’m pretty sure Local Max will be doing Sport too. Ryan, are you planning to compete?

I’ll be out there either way-- I’m not much for early Saturday mornings, but I’ll be out there sometime…

I grabbed a flyer from the bike shop and it said registration was between 7-9am for the beginner/sport class and that part of the comp will run from 9-12pm.

What’s going on Friday? Sunday?

Read the first 2 posts that may help.

I don’t know how I could get down there but I have an aunt and uncle that live near Richmond so HOPEFULLY I CAN. :thinking:

Right, I should re-phrase that: Who’s coming in town Friday and where should we meet?

i’m in for the riding on friday, i probablywont come to whatever yall do afterwards. we’re meeting at 5 and i think that kanawha plaza would be a good place to meet.

I’m currently scheduled to work friday night, but I think I can find someone to cover for me. As for Sunday, looks like no one’s staying from out of town, so I’m up for just hanging out with the urban dervish folks at Dogwood Dell.

Here’s a thread from a bike trials forum about the Belle Isle comp. Looks like some really big riders will be there.

We’re getting close! So far the lineup appears to be:

Local Max: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?
Nova Max: Saturday
Frank: Saturday (couldn’t get off work friday night, sorry), and Sunday
Ryan: Friday?, Saturday and Sunday

Anyone else? James? Phil? Joey?

I’ll have to ditch work early, but I’ll probably be around on Friday.

Hey Frank did you make a new Hell-on-Wheel logo?

I’ll be there about a half hour before the sport category starts to register. Can’t wait!

What is the beginner trials course like?

Definitely within your ability, but still a lot of fun. After we were done competing at the last comp, Local Max and I did a few runs on the beginners just for fun, tried to clean them with a few hops as possible. But even if you don’t want to compete you should still come for the muni.

Ryan - My artist/printer hasn’t gotten back to me yet, so new shirts may not be ready for Saturday…we’ll see.

Hey Max, how attached are you to riding street on Friday? I was thinking about scoping the rocks on Belle Isle for a bit and then heading into the city once it gets dark… Either ways fine with me. Is anyone else coming in town Friday night?

thats fine i dont relly cre to ride on friday its gonna be hot. if you’re gonna ride after it gets dark then give me a call and i might come join you.

I might be getting off work tonight as early as 9pm, so I’d be up for a little night riding, maybe just for an hour or so. Ryan, I’ll call you when I get off work.

Otherwise, see everyone tomorrow! I’m gonna try to be out there around 8:15 to get a little practice in. Wendy will be there to get some video.

Nova Max or anyone else - if you need to call me for help with directions or anything, it’s 804-651-6844.

Also, I’ll have some bagels and fruit for everyone, looks like there’ll be food vendors there for lunch.

Just read the rest of the thread on the bike forum. It may just be “snacks”, not actual lunch, so you may want to bring something (unless we’re going out or getting pizza?). Also, it’s suppose to be sunny and 95+, so bring plenty of water/sunscreen.

pics from the trials comp that one of the professional photographers took are up mostly pics of the biks but there are some pretty good uni shots in there too. i’m in the white shirt riding the koxx one. nova max (maximus unius) is in the green shirt riding the dx. and frank brown(hell-on-wheel) is in the yellow shirt riding the kh. lot of bike pics and then some good uni shots as i said before. my best pics are 217- i think like 225 or so.

Cool stuff. My hope is that someone got a pic of me almost face planting into that little crack in the rocks on the very last line we did (when I jammed my finger, which by the way is doing much better. I would be back to riding if I hadn’t slammed it in a door 3 days later :angry: ).