Trials comp, Montreal


as part the 11th juggling festival of québec there will be a
trials competiton

saturday april 3rd from 12h00 to 4h00

two classes: beginer and sport plus a couple of impossible obstacles

registration before noon at the festival. there will be no registration fee but the hat will be passed for donations to cover the transportation of the equipment.

there will prizes thannks to

where: la Polyvalente Lucien Pagé
8200,Bd St Laurent, Montréal Québec

already 12-20 people have shown interest

for information e-mail john denham at: or call : (514) 457-0213


12-20 people interested so far with definately room for more so come on down.


p.s. a big thanks to darren bedford for the prizes being offered:)

for those who are wondering, the competition takes place indoors, therefore it is an excellent opportunity to do something cool on a poopy weather weekend (which this weekend looks like it will be).

see you there,


been getting a fair amount of interest! cool!