Trials Comp. Central AB Canada

I will be holding a Trials Comp on May 5th 07. All riders are required to sign a waiver, that you won’t sue me if you break your neck. If you are underage, a guardian must sign for you. This comp will take place on my parents land, near Sundre. The drive out from Calgary is around an hour and a half.

The comp will be devided in three categories; begginer, intermediate, and expert.

Begginer; mostly testing your balance, and some small hops here and there (10 inches max). They start @ 11:00am

Intermediate; more advanced balance, riding on suspended boards around 4" wide, 20" side hops, and three foot gaps. They start @ 12:00pm

Expert; 2" (The smallest) skinnie, 30" side hops, 5 foot gaps, and a bonus section of riding on a three foot long chain!!! They start @ 1:30pm

Rules: There will be six sections with a mix of all maneuvers in each category. Each section will be gone over TWICE, for a total of 12 sections. Crank and pedal climbs are allowed, as long as more than half your foot is on the pedal/crank. If you put a foot down, you are given a point. Two feet down simultaneously is five: the worst score you can get on a section. After a fiver, you can either continue, or go on to the next section. Using a hand briefly to catch your balance on an object is worth one point. A prolonged hand grab is worth three points. The more amount of points you have, the worse you are doing. There will be 12 sections, so the worst you can do is 60 (12 x 5) and the best is 0. Now, the weird part is after you put your foot/hand down 4x, your score is 3, but if you put your hand/foot down five times, you get a five (you failed the section).
These rules aren’t of my making, they are based on Bike Trials rules, and are used for me when I compete against bikers.
I know this is pretty complicated, so ask questions.

Cost: $15 for tape and the like (gas, diesel, chain, and nails). The more people, the cheaper. Any 2x4s, spools, planks, tape, chains, barrels, nails, ropes, pallets, hinges, etc would be VERY helpful, and if you give me some stuff, you’ll get free admition.

Prizes: Will consist of any money surpluss that we may have, and maybe some T-shirts from a the Trialsin shop (he often donates some goodies for prizes to comps). I was also hoping some goodies from beford +

This will be a great time for all of us to meet each other. Invite everyone, spectators (free entrance), and all the uni buddies you can get ahold of! Bring cameras and camcorders! I will also have some Trials Bikers (2 wheeled unicyclists :slight_smile: ) who will compete in their own category/ies. It will be a good time to meet all of them as well.

Please post if you can make it, age, name, and category.
The date is not fixed, We can change it if it means we’ll have a better turn out.

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Email adress

  • another unicyclist that can vouche that your not a douche bag and won’t come and destroy the property when we’re finished.

Depending on who comes, and what trials-kings come, I will have to add a pro category: 1- inch skinnies, 7+ gaps, killer rocks, and an invisible string:) . I will make a sweet moving barrel section across our 30ft wide river.

Daniel Cormeau

The comp will be held very close to here:

If you get a bit more definite in plans I will probably come. It all depends on how much I’m working then, but I tend to head out to Calgary around that time of year although usualy mid March, but now that I won’t be in school I’m free whenever.

Why not just use the unicycle trials rules, and make the bikers adapt to them?


I think it would be fairer if their are lines everyone can do, (like 15 -20 different lines if there are enough) and everyone tries to do as many as possible. then whoever has done the most for each category would win(i.e. I think its silly to group people by sidehop length and hop height because some people are really good at one thing but horrible at others.)

edit: what Ryan said.

I am not going to be all anal about side hops, gaps, and the like. It is just a basic guideline to expect. These will be all mixed together to make hard ass lines:) . The uni rules that you guys are talking about is just like a type of biketrials comp. I think that the rules are fair, and the usual that we use around here.

ntappin: What is ambiguous? I thought I explained it pretty thoroughly.

Nathan Tappin
18 (woo legal in Alberta)
Expert category

I just was hoping for a more definite date is all.

It’ll be the fifth of may 07. I have about a dozen local riders who say they can make it.

  • thread jack -
    You are 18 !! you really dont look like you are that old

Hah indeed, I am, hah I just realized you are two years younger than me, I figured we were the same age :p.

At OUI though I was still 17 if that counts for anything.

Funny thing is I never get IDed in Quebec, and when I’m in Ontario I’m 23 thanks to the ease of changing an 8 to a 3!

Wouldn’t that say u were 13?

I would be interested in coming, as long as I can compete, or at least mess around on my MUni. I have yet to afford a trials uni.

That would be fine.

if it were 93 and not 83

same question, more info

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about unicycle trials rules, and their evolution, but IMO, they are far better in allmost all respect in comparison to biketrials rules. Here are the main differences, (again, IMO):

Biketrials rules reward conservative, consistant riding, a very unfriendly environment, and lots of pressure, hard to set-up and judge.

Unitrials rules reward big, gutsy riding, great competition environment, and no pressure at all, easy to set up and judge.

Also, it is useful to note that Unitrials rules are NOT another type of bike trials rules. When unitrials rules are applied to bike trials, it’s called “freetrials” and this move was made thanks to Kris, and his invention of the unitrials rule system. Also, there is no mesurement of sidehop, or gap, to determine which categorie one competes in.

So, with this knowledge, I again ask my question… why not use unitrials rules?

I will reconsider. I don’t like “freetrials” much because there has to be more obstacles/ sections. The comps that I have read have approx 15 sections. I don’t have so many obstacles, and I don’t want to have build so many.

Is there dabbing and such in freetrials?
I will consider this. Talk it over with my bro.

true, but having more lines doesnt necessarilly mean building more. Try to use natural objects(rocks, logs, stumps ect).

My families land is pretty boring: no rocks. Also, the comp is going to spread out around all over my land, using the best natural/man made set up. Probably around 100m between each. This would cause some problems with freetrials.

There is no dabing, the closest thing to it is pedal or crank grabs.

The way I have seen it done (I say seen because I don’t know how well they adhered to it).

All of the sections were set up. Each person picked any category they liked except for people who have placed in previous competitions before who must go into a higher category than previous unless in expert already.
The time is set, usualy around one and a half or two hours I think. Everyone tries to complete as many lines as possible. All of the lines are open to everyone and once you complete a line without any dismounting or dabbing a witness (usualy a riding buddy or someone else trying the same line) initials the card saying you did it.

At the end of the time, everyone stops riding and the judges count up who completed the most lines in each category. In the event of the tie either the judges can figure out a test for the tie breaker or the people who tied can come up with a mutualy agreeable way to solve this.

I was in a situation in a tie for second place in the sport category in Toronto, we were both dead tired and didn’t want to ride anymore and it came down to a simple two out of three rock, paper, scissors match.

In this competition form it is very easy to judge people and makes for a very nice environment where people tend to learn alot (I know I tend to get alot better in a competition setting).

I don’t know much about the bike trials rules though so maybe if you let me know how they work I might like them more, but I thought that if you fell once then you were out, although you were allowed dabs.

The rules are quite simple.

-one foot down, 1 dab, 1 point added to total score
-one hand down, briefly, 1 dab, 1 point added to total score
-two feet down, 5 dabs, 5 points added to total score
-one hand down for longuer than five seconds, 3 dabs, 3 points
-Worst you can do on a sections is five, best is 0
-if you get 4 dabs on a section, it is worth three points, but if you get one more dab, it’s five.
-total of six sections, gone over twice gives 60 points. Best you can do is 0, worst is 60.

The lines are no different than freetrials. The gaps/hops/etc are just a basis to refer to, and to help innexperienced riders be able to know what to choose. The sections are hard and long, and I really want to give a challenge to all who compete.