trials class system

And whats the point?
Instead of having maximum points of like 60 in comps you’ll have like 50000?
The way trialscomps are rated is good that way.

To rate the lines from 0 to 10 is a good way and nobody said that there is a limit, you can change the levels depending on how good the riders get (lots of people can jump more than 100cm lately… so you could raise the ups and so on)

damn i pressed the submit reply buttom. ill go on here

because it will be scary, and therefor harder. at least for me. or ride a 2" skinny rail high high up in the sky, that will be harder too. that will give a bonus for the brave and the stupid, though. and talking about small, skinny beams, the longer you gap, or the higher you jump should multiply the points given. doubling up the points wouldnt seem fair, would it? i dunno how many more points should be given. riding along them should give points too. lets say all that is wider than 4.999999…" shouldnt give any points to ride along, other than the “mental” points. then a 4" should give give 2 points, a 3" should give 3 points, a 2" should give 4 points, and a 1" should give 5 points, and a 0.0000001" should give 4.9999999 points multiplied with the mental points, and how high and/or long you gap to it and how long you ride along it. maybe one point for each foot you ride along it. gapping from a small beam should give more points too. on slanted/steep sections, i think it is in english, there should be given point for how many degrees its steep, how long the slanted part of the line is, oh yeah, and how slippery it is. but i havent got an idea of how to rate the slippering.

i think this is all for now. i know this is different than the one point for each section system thats used for competitions. i didnt think of this as a way of rating lines for competition, just for people that wants to know the difficulty of the tracks theyre riding

hope you like my outcast for a rating system, and feel welcome to think of improvements to it

i know. it was just a thought i got. youre in that its a good way there already is


An open-ended difficulty system is the way the existing difficulty rating system for trials is set up, as the U-system.

Download the pdf at and scroll down to Appendix 2

The U-system is open-ended scores difficulty only. Risk is not considered. The hardest trials lines in the world right now are probably around U9. That’s the same approach as most climbing rating systems except for the British system that has a separate grade for the seriousness of a route (sometimes movie ratings are also used in North America). Climbers have debated various difficulty rating systems for years and it makes sense to follow their lead on it. The most appropriate model for trials difficulty ratings are bouldering ratings like the V system or French grades.