{Trials} Call Out-(kidmuni)

A friendly call out to kidmuni, or anyone else that wants to:) . Canada vs Australia!

Please rate, comment (and give some constructive criticism if need be).


We will post a separate thread with a poll when kidmuni is done his half, enjoy!

Wow that was amazing! :astonished:
I wish I could ride half that good.

that was really nice! i am always jealous of your course :sunglasses: . the editing was good, but slow music isnt really my fav vid style, but like is always said, not everyone will like the music:o

great job…cant wait for the response


danni, sick stuff man. I need to get out to that course, great vid
loved the tunes.

do your hops ever stop progressing?

I invited the whole vanuni club, but they all wussed out :roll_eyes: .
You got big spins down consistent by the look of your other vid, grats. We should totally do a joint video together;) when I go to vancouver this summer some time.


Pretty nice stuff dude. Really cool to see a nice layed back vid. its relaxing. Great riding!

I should build a highjump bar tomorrow or tonight, so i can start doing more SIF for highjumping.

Woah nice vid !!! I expect big things from you in the future.Look out joe hodges !!! lol.

That goose had a tttttttoooon of goslings.

About five times as much behind me. Geese flock their goslings, and many parents take care of other goslings. They typically have a half to a whole dozen, and most of them die:( . So cute.

Goslings XD

107, jesus that looked nice.

There was one line I liked that had pretty small ups, but it was combined with quite a long distance, they always look awesome.

But, kidmunis stuff is usually more daring… I think he’ll take this one out.

Thanks:) .

I hope so! He’s gonna push me to do something awesome;) .


Nice video.
My video will be coming out soon :slight_smile:

Danni! That was some crazy stuff.

Dude, go to unicon, set a world record for highjump. I doubt even Fabian or Joe can do 107 over a bar.

I cannot believe how fast you are progressing. Your last video was what… 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, and youve already added 5cm to your highjump. Amazing.

Keep up the incredible work, I really like seeing you ride.

best video ive seen in a long time
totally sick man :astonished:

i feel like it’s missing something. Ohh wait my speakers are off. Great video

very enjoyable vid!


I just landed 113cm, and even more shocking, it was easy. I have been blessed! I am going to go downtown tomorrow to get over my fear of ledges and go for it!


That is a blessing, no need to brag. Keeping such information to yourself would be a sin.

If you can 113cm over a bar I’m sure you can 220cm onto a ledge :stuck_out_tongue:

Your gaining like 1cm a day lol. I think you must be one of the only people in the world to hop 113cm over a bar.