[trials] by Johann3s

Hey folks,

i made a new vid. downloadlink
50mb, nearly 4:30 min long i think there are some nice lines especially the track lines.

let me know what you think


watch it on utv

It was only black.

Works for me.

That was an awesome trials video. I feel like those railroad track lines are becomming a standard in trials videos haha. I wish I could do that though. Keep it up.:slight_smile:

got it this time. Really good vid…Nice 94.5cm

Yeah, a trial video :slight_smile:
Good vid, nice gaps and rail riding skills.

Peter M

Sweet!!! :slight_smile:

racist :roll_eyes:

I was very impressed with the train tracks section, you have excellent control. Nice 95cm, that’s really good. Good to see another trials vid.

You are a very good rider, keep it up!

thank you for all your nice comments. makes me happy to hear that other riders like my video.

ya really ? didn’t noticed this, yet. But nowadays there are not that much trials vids out:(

amanda’s comment made me laugh (-:

Nice! Your skinny-skills rocks!
Good highjumping too. 94cm is high…
But… why 4 songs for a 4 minute vid?
The songs suddenly ended, and the new ones started way to early…

because i wanted to make the video more exciting, sometimes i get bored when i watch a video with always the same song.

no … tried it only at the roadtrip, it s really challaging but now i know what i can work on haha

I liked the swiss-german rap music!

very impressive on the rail lines, go good place to practice on them where i live

Damn, beat me to it!

Great video. Very impressive. That 94cm hop was grouse.