[Trials] Brendan and amanda 19" and more...

hey all,

a little video made and edited by me, my first one. Featuring me and amanda gallacher.

I hope you all enjoy it.

Nicely done. Catchy tune… although I dont know French enough to know what its saying. Cute KH ad at the end.

the song lyrics are quite irrelevant to the movie so don’t worry :smiley:

However a note to everyone dont use pinnacle studio 9, its rubbish. when converting to .avi it crashed my pc 4 times. This vid was finished at like 11pm it took me like 3 hours to convert it, simply cause it crashed so often or converted it wrong. Also it refused to re-add amanda’s clip of her BUC line. I’m not sure why, so sorry amanda its not in there :frowning:

ah im at school and I cant watch it :frowning:

yeah i couldnt resist putting the KH bit. I nearly put the koxx bit, but it wasnt actually that funny. Plus theres nothing wrong with koxx. :stuck_out_tongue:

cool beans guys
nice skinny riding by Man
and a nice gap from Brenda

I liked it, especially how Amanda kicks your ass Brendan :wink:


bonne vidéo, bravo à tous les deux , bonne continuation Brendan tu as bien progréssé, Amanda toujours aussi forte à bientôt.:slight_smile:

actually dustin you would have prefered amanda’s koxx bashing, but i cut it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

and uhm thank you for these sex inversions lucas, i’ve always wanted to be a girl… (why but why did i mention that if u took away the n from brendan it made brenda?)

et merci adrien, j’espere qu’il va arreter de pleuvoir un jour parceque si ca continue j’suis pas pres de faire plus de progres lol.

Nice video. I really enjoyed Amanda’s trick on top of that ledge on the stairs.