[Trials] Bored..

This is my second movie. It’s not great, but I don’t think it’s that bad!

Just made it in a rush!
Please rate and comment!:smiley:

Very nice.

I liked the music… Not only does it go well with the vid, but I always liked that kind of music… Very relaxing… Does that type of music have its own genre?

Awesome vid.

i hated the music… but thought the riding was awesome.
the music did fit welll, but perhaps i’m just not a fan of transitions… makes me feel like i’m watching a 3rd grade powerpoint.

well really im not a big fan of that song, but well… i just wanted to play around in adobe, and i learned a lot from it:D thanks for comments and stuff;)

Nice movie but I really didnt like the song.

I liked your 1st video much better. Not so much the editing, the editing was nice, but the riding. Hopping up 5 pallets in your 1st vid was much more impressive than riding 1 footed. I also don’t recommend gapping just to a blank spot in the street. But nice job anyway, how far was the gap in the beginning.

hehe i dont know if this really counts as a real vid, it was just something i made to learn adobe premiere, but thanks :smiley:
The first gap was 1meter and 70 or 80 something, didn’t measure, but i done 2 meters and filmed on my video camera, but i cannot get the movie on to the computer:(

good riding, but the song/ editing had too much of a slow style for the awesomeness of the riding, and the black spaces were annoying imo.

Nice vid, Slow video although sshould have fitted more into it. how long have you been riding?

im not quite sure how long i’ve been riding, but i think i started learning last summer, and i got my KH in october or so… so not that long

uhm way too many transitions, slow mo’s get boring… long intro… and no flow. Sorry might sound harsh but it’s really what I thought.

But hops where good. I have to say really didn’t think the video was well edited, riding was good if you’ve had ur kh since october though.