Trials bike

Yep, some unicyclist try them, and I’ve got one for sale.

Rides nice, is a short. Solid parts.

Not looking to shit to canada, but will consider.

1000$ USD.

Um…if you would, change the spelling of “ship”.

I did that on purpose.

Trust me pal, we feel the very same way.
It works better for us though because we are sitting on your head and that stuff generally flows downhill better than it does up!

A bit of thread drift, but I have a question:

It’s understandable that Canadians would dislike Americans, but what would lead Americans to dislike Canadians?

Given the choice, I’d live in Canada.

Now shipping to Canada can be a pita, but again, that’s just how shipping across borders can be…

What does that have to do with anything? :thinking:

The thread drift continues, I think the shipping issue has more to do with peoples absolute love of UPS, FedEx, etc.
Couriers charge brokerage, duty, freight handling etc, which generally add $60 - $80. to each and every international , Cross border shipment. USPS and Canada Post generally charge those but it’s all built into the price. People for some reason get lulled to sleep by the DEAL at the front end and then get smacked with all the backend charges, or laugh when the person they sent the parcel to says "hey man, that $20.00 frame you shipped, just cost me $40.00 more in fees…

What the hell…


probably a bot.


I don’t think it was a bot - spam yes, but not a bot. It/he/she spelt trials wrong.