Trials bike rider should become a trials unicyclist

This guy is on one wheel most of the time. Why doesn’t he just start unicycling? I bet he’d be good at it. I think I’ll mention it to him on instagram. :wink:

Have any of you started off as a trials bike rider and converted to trials unicycling? If so, what are the major similarities you’ve noticed? Differences?

Just curious…it’s a very cool style of riding, regardless of how many wheels you have. :slight_smile:


P.S. He’s riding a Triton trials bike. AND he is sponsored by Bre Clothing. I need to get a Bre sweatshirt or helmet sticker. It’s just such an amazing name. No biases here.

This guy has some talent. I wonder what he could do on a muni

I discovered offroad unicycling because I rode bike trials, and KH was somebody that trials riders were aware of.

It’s easier to hop on a uni than a bike, and it’s a skill that transfers instantly - I could hop pretty well on day one with the unicycle. I don’t think the bike gave me much of a head start on actual riding skills, but it was cool and fun to be able to hop around right away - it let me bypass that stage of “can’t do anything at all with this stupid thing.”

Bri’s next post is going to be a list of trials bike components that she bought, all titanium.


Need to learn to hop first. Haha

On a unicycle? Or bike?

Oh. a unicycle. Definitely a unicycle. I’m not sure I’ll ever own a bike again. Right now I can only hop about 10 times, an inch or so off the ground. That’s about it. I’m working on it though! I’m going to practice more when my longer cranks come in the mail. :slight_smile:

But anyway, I was looking through Triton and BreClothing Instagrams and I saw this guy, and thought, “He’s basically doing unicycle trials!” But of course, a bike is heavier and therefore requires more power to move around. Plus you have those damn things in the way when you fall…what are they called? Handlebars?

I definitely believe it that trials biking is much more difficult than trials unicycling.

Some days I still feel like I’m in that stage. And it’s always when I have an audience. :slight_smile:

Some days I still feel like I’m in that stage. And it’s always when I have an audience. :slight_smile:

I think if you participated in both you would find there is an upside and downside to each. For instance, the uni is smaller, easier to maneuver in theory, but a trials bike can also go super fast and ride up the side of a huge tree.

Also, my uni might weigh as much as some trials bikes, his looked super lightweight in that video.

Keep working on the hopping, sounds like you’re doing pretty good for using small cranks!

Thanks! Yeah, I saw him in another video ride up a wall. I’ve seen unicyclists do that a little bit, but not the same distance. I imagine it’s because he’s getting more inertia before he hops up onto the wall. Maybe someday a person with a 20’’ guni will be able to match similar bike tricks. :slight_smile:

I’m amazed that he doesn’t brake his chain. That looks like a lot of force to be trusting to hold you up. Great video. Thanks for sharing.