I have an Onza T-Pro trials bike for sale. It has had very little use and hasn’t been used for around 3 months however I do take it out of the shed and give it a once over every month to make sure everything is in working order, there is one minor area of damage which is the left crank arm is scratched through trials use however nothing major and the crank arm still works!! Any questions please ask, am located near Southampton and have pictures of the bike!! It is for sale for around £100 ono.


If you can, could you post some pictures of it here? More people will be likely to buy something they can see. :slight_smile:

Wring forum buddy, Post it in


iwant it. if its still not sold im intrested

i am also interested and is my coworked. if ghettosmurf falls through()and this is legit) i call dibs.

Shipping a bike from southampton to cali/iowa might be pretty huge.

ah yes. i missed your UK location, nm. i’m sure my cowork can’t afford that.

Do you have any pictures of it???