TRIALS BIKE: Damon Watson - Angel

Just saw this, puts (almost) all of us to shame.

nice ass lines in there and a great video but why does this put us (uni riders) to shame?

Because what he’s doing is incredible. 155cm sidehop, 11-12 foot static gaps, huge drops, etc.

but still bike and unis are different categories i mean i dont think hes awesome biking brings shame to me plus he goes to the gym so damn much more than he rides.

Aidan, he’s on a whole 'nother level. I bet if he rode uni he’s be absolutely immense too, he goes so big it puts our whole sport to shame really. What he’s doing is IMMENSE

I’ve been told he takes steroids,he’s still my idol though :smiley:

yeah man im no doubting that. but football and rugby are two different games aren’t they? then that means uni trials and bike trials are two difference things. imo joe, max, and mark are at this level. I mean i think weve know that trials biking has been more “immense” for a while now. anyways im just saying he is fucking crazy but i think you cant compare someone like damon to someone like joe or mark. :wink: i mean you also cant really compare danny to damon. its like comparing a flatland rider to a trials rider.

yeah i think joe thinks that but i also hear he goes to the gym about 20 times more than he rides. :roll_eyes:

Does anyone know if he’s professional? Definitely some massive stuff in there.

of course he is hes like the most popular bike trials rider with danny

Sorry, I don’t know anything about bike trials. I think that explains why he is so good, if he didn’t go big he would have no living. If there was the opportunity to go professional with unicycling I’m almost positive people would be going bigger.

so many people in uni are professional. no?

By professional I mean supporting yourself entirely through unicycling, which no one has done (to my knowledge). Including paying for your living area, food, clothes, etcetera, not just a product sponsorship.

well professional also means being good at something not making a living through it. but your right too. but idk if he even as a sponsor and here are two people i know who making living of unicyclingg: Kris Holm and Yoggi Guiraud ;);):wink:

He is sponsored by Ozony (bike brand) and doesnt make a living off it at all.Trials biking is still a small sport and Damons been riding like 10 years now.Alot of tgs riders do weight training now because the moves are so powerful

Yoggi owns his own brand and Kris is a Geologist, neither of them have made their living through being amazing unicyclists, although they both are. :slight_smile:
Nobody makes a living just by being an amazing rider, the sport just isn’t big enough.
Aidan, just appreciate the video :wink:

By definition Professional is about making a living doing a particular task/activity.

Damon’s skills are just insane… massive respect for that … just wow !!

I would consider myself professional. I don’t make a living from it, but I make decent money :smiley:
If your definition of professional is 100% living from unicycling, then Jason Auld is a professional unicyclist. Possibly the worlds only professional extreme unicyclist?

Anyway, Damon is a monster and nothing we ever do on unicycles will ever come close to trials biking.

caulking - darnit… thats their secret?!

First of all ive watched the video 4 times now and i do appreciate a lot. but i still dont understand why its one sport and it brings shame to me and other uni riders :smiley: