Trials Beginners

Been on vacation in the states for a month and sadly i have to go home today.Had a wicked time though and want to move here at some point.This is a video me and Joe really wanted to make.We filmed about 80% of the video in 2 weeks and it was getting really hard.So glad its finally done so here it is :smiley:

It’s a great way to get LOTS of comments, by using that title, lol. They totally knew ppl would react like you, when that title was a goof all along. :D:p But it’s a great video regardless, so they didn’t need to use such a false-modesty title. They KNOW they’re good, at least intermediate level, haha! :wink: (Seriously, right up there with the best of the best!)

woah that was awesome. I think it would have been better in 2 parts. i dont like loong vids

hehe first view and comment on youtube. Nice work guys :smiley: . It makes me ashamed to put out my new trials video.

Wow! Awsome riding in that video! But I’d rather watch alot of small vids than one long video. That was still really good anyway:)

EDIT: when I started to watch the video there was no comments:p

Awesome video! :smiley:

My react:
Oh my god thats a big drop! Nice!


I think its some what of a parody of the Joe & Fabian vid.

Loading vid now :sunglasses:

that was some sick trials !

I liked that it was 10 minutes long, it makes up for the lack of trials videos here lately . enjoyed every minute of it

Sweet. Long lines were awesome

Great video. I even liked the music selection.

My 3 year old said, “It’s not a video, just a bunch of tricks!” Ha Ha.

Twas amazing.

Very good.

Very nice. Padst3r is that a tensile crankset? :smiley:

loved it nice video…

and yes they do look like tensils… I think he had them on during NZ uniweekend is well… I remeber they had red paint on them…

ya those are tensiles. i didnt even realize it was that long haha. i think this is one of my favorite trials vids. i especially loved the alien part!!!

Cool video and nice riding.

the riding is not human! :astonished:

great vid!

great vid guys! insane lines

very good riding!!
you guys getting really good !!! :D:D:D