Trials Beginner Thread

Sup everyone?! Well I’m in Mexico right now and out of boredom decided to make this thread. This thread is aimed at trials riders who are new to the style like myself. Here you can post your noobie accomplishments, new rides, and stories. My accomplishment today was jumping a 1 1/2 foot wall! Hurray!! Hopefully we noobies can give each other challenges and confidence in order to finally be able to hop atop that dammed park bench!

I’ll post the thing that helped me the most when I was a newbie. EXPERIMENT! Try different things constantly, especially when it comes to seat heights and tire pressure. Also, never get mad or frustrated when you fall, always get back up and try again.

Wow well this thread is pretty much dying… Okay to spice things up how bout a competition? I’m sure most of you have seen the 90 cm side hop thread. Well how about we do that except with…42 cm side hop competition! Same rules apply: cantb have hopped it before and it must be from the ground to rubber. You have to capture it on video or else it didn’t happen. I know it’s far from now but let’s have the competition start on august 2. That way you can have enough practice time to get 40 cm before you get 42. If you want to enter just say so and if I get enough people I will start a thread on July 25 okay.
Have fun! Hope I get enough


Wow is Nobody as noobish as me in trials That wants to join!?

haha I can do more than 42:p
sorry things are going so slowly for you

I’d join but my record is 44 and I don’t have a working camera.

if people practise from now til august they will most likely break 42 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d do it except I haven’t the slightest clue what my current record is. I’ve never measured, and I never really work on sidehops. If I find out that I haven’t hit 42 yet, I’m in.

EDIT: I have hit 42. Sorry.

I want to have a competition were it’s a +15cm sidehop competition. Basically you record a video of your current sidehop record, then the competition would be 15cm more than whatever you can do. In order to win, you have to submit 2 videos (or 2 clips in 1 video) with the date shown in each. That way there could be one competition that anyone can join an anyone can win, whether they are beginner or expert.

what is your current record. that competition sounds like a good idea. ill make a thread about it on july25 and the comp will start august 2. how much time should i space between august 2 and the time you have to improve your hop by 15. thanks


It would be a regular competition. The first person to improve their hop by 15cm wins. You could also have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

BTW, my current record is approximately 60cm.

okay but how much time should i space the day we start the comp with the current record till the day we have to improve 15. BTW do u have aim.

I think the highest I’ve hopped is 51 centimeters?

I’d just make some signatures first-third or first-fifth or something and the comp goes until all of the signatures are taken.

What happen to this thread??
That comp sounded really fun and fair. :slight_smile: