Trials BC Wheel

  • Hazzard Hub
  • EB Plates
  • KH 06 rim


Plus cost of shipping. PayPal preferred. CONTACT:

I’m really tempted… Is Bryan done riding? How many BCs did he have, and how many of them are you selling?

btw can you ship to California?

Bryan is done BC wheeling, this is the wheel that he rode in almost all of his videos.
He had a second one that was the Koxx prototype. I was riding it for a while working on ramps and hopping. One faitful night it shot away from me and launched off a snow bank down a muddy embankment into the largest salt marsh in Maine, and was swept away with the outgoing tide. :angry:

Wow that’s a horrific story…

I’ve thought it over and I’m really serious about buying now. I just sent an email w/ more info.