Trials BC wheel parts

screwed up on the other posting so re-posting here.

I have all the parts you need for a sweet Trials BC or if you want to upgrade/replace parts of your trials unicycle. Here is the scoop:

BC Plates (made by Ntapin, barely used, minor scuffs on bottom corners) - $20

Odyssey Hazard hub (Barely used, like new condition) - $40

Nimbus trials rim - couple dings in paint, structurally perfect - $40

Maxxis CC tire - no cracks, good sidewall, 90% tread remaining - $20

Buy them all together and save $20, It’s like a free tire.

I would have to check if the spokes are the right length but I could build this up for someone for an additional $50 (DT Champion spokes and labour)

Complete EB Trials BC wheel would then be $150

Buyer pays shipping, PayPal is preferred but I can do some other payment options, and I would consider a trade for a longneck trials frame, KH or otherwise.

CAD or USD, doesn’t really matter.

BC parts


Worst ding on rim

CC tire

how much for whole thing with wheel build but without the tires?? I have an alien backflip frame i may be able to trade…

Mexico: check your PMs

Pics for Mexico7


or rather