Trials at Home Video - 25sec, 1MB

I think you can hear the biggest of the gapping bars snapping in one of the clips…at least I hope it was the bar breaking! :slight_smile:


gapping bars.jpg

as always (i think thats what i said last time aswell…) very nice stuff. you show incredible balance. A great example of pure southern hemispherical talent…

cool dude.

Re: Trials at Home Video - 25sec, 1MB

Great balance …

That noise sounds like the upright 4x4’s pulled out from the base supports. (you can see it lean from your weight)

Make sure you look at that tall one for structural integrity at it’s base

nice job. how far was that last gap?

I don’t know, I didn’t measure it so your guess is as good as mine. I haven’t yet reached the stage where I can gap as far as I physically can between the 35mm wide planks, in fact I’m way off. I want to be able to though. At the moment I’m too scared to try 1.7m gaps between them unless they’re at the height of the lowest one (I tried that and hurt my back :)).


hey andrew

i would be facing more forwards when you jump from stuff like that…

also have you tried going down the heights?

I’ve played around with it and this suits me best. I land at almost right angles to the bars. It’s just my style.


Very impressive! Nice mount into still-stand, too.