Trials and Tribulations

The other day Greg reports that he and Buster were out uniing when Buster discovers this a structure whilst lifting his hind leg. In the midst of his marking Buster notes this would be a great trials stucture and proceeds to own it.

Not to be outdone Greg tries it too and reports it can be done at least through the third tier and a group effort is required for the humans to keep up with the canines.

So last Wednesday Greg, John, Tom, Cole and I gather up our cumulative 210+ years and try to figure out the structure.

It was quite fun. The boards are very springy so both landing on them and launching from them took some getting used to. Greg was able to get through the third tier with no dabs. It is do-able to the fourth tier with dabs.:smiley:

We took loads of pics but somehow mostly Greg and I ended up in front of the camera. Sorry guys.

Here’s the best two, which only proves Greg is both better at photography and trials.

If you have nothing better to do this weekend check out the rest of the pics too.

This is the interesting thing about doing trials or riding trails with other people. The approach to the top from the level below is quite tight. One can easily snag one’s pedal on the bottom of the top board on the way up. Steve and I alternated approaches and borrowed from each others’ techniques. I ended up going from a crank grab on the third level board directly to a crank grab on the fourth level board instead of rubber on the third to rubber on the fourth which I could never pull off.

I never would have tried hopping up two stairs at a time if I hadn’t seen John Childs do it first. I would still be wasting energy with 400 set-up hops before a big jump or hopping three times to balance on each step on the way up a flight if John hadn’t taught me to still stand between hops. I never would have tried sidehopping down four stairs if I hadn’t seen Steve do three. Of course, I never would have fallen down twelve stairs of a 25 stair flight after biffing on stair 13 if I hadn’t seen UniVerse either. That part was unpleasant.

ah the evil curse of the set up hops,i hate those.its like bouncing into tommorow somtimes,boing,boing,boing (i can do this)boing,boing,boing (i can do this) boing,boing,boing (ican do this) boing,boing,boing (aaargggggg!)

Yup, and I never would have sprained my ankle if Harper hadn’t said “Come on along…there’s a tiny little set of 4 stairs that even you could ride…”. :astonished:

I was hoping you were going to try to hop on the fence behind the structure. Boy, I’m disappointed.
I still do the set up hops. Jagur’s description is perfect.

You guys are amazing. Any videos?


I’m starting to think this trials stuff must be real easy. I know these guys, maybe it is just PhotoShop magic again :slight_smile:

Great photos!