Trials and street

So, I’ve been working on a trials video and a street video, and here they are.
I already think the riding in both videos are a bit easy, but whatever.

Man, you are getting really good! I really like the crank flip from the back of the bench.


ohh you did it :stuck_out_tongue: you got really good the rolling hop on the bench and the crankflip down it was so sweet!!!

could it be that you like railriding as much as i:p

Thank you, the flip from the bench is one of my favourite tricks in the video too. :slight_smile:

Sure, I love all technical trials.

Wow. The street vid was purely insane. You flipped that 8 set like it was nothing. The flip down the bench was awesome, and that trick where you jump to the tire, 180, 180 and then jump down was insane.

Awesome vids.

Yay! :smiley:

pretty sweet

for the trials video try to not just focus on the wheel like get you’re whole self in the shots

Frick man, you got insane. You’re far better than me.

Hey, thank you! :smiley:

Maybe I should consider making more videos, 'cause I get so many positive responses! :smiley: It makes me happy! :slight_smile:

dude, the street video is so awesome. You should have saved it for the Pure Street video competition, definitely would have held its own there. Please keep up the big street:)

Man your trials was awesome, so technicall!

Your street was just really impressive. Very creative stuff in there. Good job !

Nah, I wouldn’t say it is the definition of street. Too few footplants. :stuck_out_tongue:

Techy and creative is the way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

Great riding in both vids Sigurd! The ending in the street vid was funny with the tube on your nose. It was also funny that I didn’t understand the language, except for when you popped your tire, lol! :smiley:

it wasn’t his nose, but mine!!

Great vid Sigurd… you’ve been so much better since last time at JF! the line where you rode on a skinny turned around, back again and over to the other was insane!!!

Thanks for using some film of me :smiley:

Edit: This is my post number 100!! yeah! btw. nice edit in both vids

Nice riding. i especially liked the trials video.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
But, as Anton (OUK) said, it was his nose, not mine… :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything was filmed before the latest JF… :smiley:
That line you mentioned were filmed on Bornholm, at a museum called NaturBornholm.

Thank you, I also think the trials video is best. :smiley:

Only watched the street vid lol. T’was awesome. long hair guy reminded me of Hugo back in the day lol

Great riding in both :slight_smile:


Other than that, it’s a pretty good vid.

Big street was siick. shifty over that gap was gnarly :stuck_out_tongue: liked the seat out 180 on to the table as well :slight_smile:

Loved the street video! Looks like some create style and you’re finding cool spots to ride. Nicely done.