Trials and Street wrist protection?

My nephew is getting good at his street and trial riding, however has broken his wrist a couple of times in the past and has experienced some good sprains since trying new tricks. He’s influenced by what he sees and says that many of the riders he sees on YouTube and local riders do not use wrist guard/gloves. I could possibly see the limitation of movement and grip but after seeing some of their falls, I’m surprised there aren’t more broken bones. :astonished: I know MUni riders use KH or Hillbilly gloves, but are there any specific gloves that trial and street riders use?

You can use a wrist guard on the off hand, it doesnt work well with the hand you use to grab the handle with though. I will sometimes wrap my wrist with Ace bandages if they are hurting. It doesnt limit movement to much but still provides support.

Thanks Jacob…It looks like you just wear some gloves at times…Are those for grip, rather than wrist support?

I dont use wrist support to much when I ride. I generally try to fall on my fore arms or back vs the wrist. I use the gloves so i dont cut up my hands and i dont get to many blisters as well. :smiley:

I’ve had good luck with snow boarding wrist protectors as they are built to go inside gloves, that make them smaller than regular wrist protectors. They also allow you to, well, wear gloves.

I am wear some Triple 8 wrist protectors. I removed the plastic stiffener that sits in the palm of your hand and left the back stiffener in. Sometime I take it off my gripping hand if I am trying spins.

I’m happy with the KH gloves for trials and street. I like having full fingers to stop the abrasion that comes from the handle. The hillbilly gloves are better protection (like a roller blade wrist guard), but they don’t let you grip the seat well enough. I wouldn’t want to ride with less protection than the KH gloves.

The Triple 8 Hired Hands look pretty cool…Too bad they don’t come in a full fingered version…