Trials and street unicycling in Emsworth UK

Relitavly old video but it was fun what do you think?

Cool video mate. How long have you guys been riding?
Did you know there is a UK forum? Head on over and check us out!


Thanks, been riding seriously now for about a year and a half and yeah ill check it out thanks :slight_smile:

Cool. Are you planning on going to BUC?
The British forums are a little slow going at the moment but its getting busier. Its fairly new and people are still finding it, but we are slowly getting more and more users! Worth a check once every while. :slight_smile:


depending where you live come out for a ride :

and go to BUC! - anyways cool riding and nice video hopefully we’ll get to ride sometime!

well i just signed up to it so yeah thats another user lol, and the BUC i would love too but thats the first ive ever heard of it, im gona have a look on the site


I would love to go to BUC and its only about and hour from where i live however im in my last year at school so i dont think my mum and dad will let me have time off :angry: sucks

Its over the weekend mate :slight_smile:

you arrive friday evening and leave sunday evening… no need for time off!

Im hoping to be there, ive spoke to my mum and dad about it and i got a flyer with my new saddle from udc so hopefully XD

thanks for letting me know about it

Good vid :slight_smile:

The guy w/ the chrome helmet: learn to hop towards your free hand. This really helps when you get up to really big hops.

Being able to hop in either direction can occationally help in some trials lines.