Trials and Street - James A

Hi, here’s a video I put together from the last ~6 months, I wanted to shoot more street but i ran out of time (and time to edit it properly). Hope you like it…

I liked the shot with the bikes in the background…

Cool video. I wish I could do all that, but I’m old and would most likely brake my neck the first time I tried to jump on something.

Thanks for the comments guys, unfortunately won’t have anything else for you for a while…

Nice video and riding James, your title says goodbye are you quitting, do you want to share why no more riding. All the best to you and thanks for sharing your last 6 months of riding.

Actually I’m not quitting, just taking a break. I’m going to be in Mongolia for the next year, and I had no room in my bag for a unicycle :angry:

Awesome vid :D:D

I feel like I’ve seen you before but haven’t seen any those other vimeo vids. I think the uni was different. Or maybee I’m confusing you w/ someone else :thinking:

Hope you have a good time and come back to uni :o

I can fit my 24 Muni and freestyle long neck in my large suitcase, w/ frames, tires, & pedals off, but can’t put many clothes in there or I go over the 50 lb max unless I pay the extra fee (both unis are steel).