Trials and Muni

I am cheap and only getting one uni. i want to do both trials and muni. Which is better a muni for trials or a trial uni for muni? Thanks

Re: Trials and Muni

Get a 24x3.

I think a muni for trials would be your best bet. Going with a bigger tire (24") from the muni enables you to get from a to b a lot quicker and with more comfort. Munis tend to have air seat conversions making long rides a little (ok a lot) more comfortable.

A muni for trials definitely. A 20 is no good for off-road, plus there are no off road tires for that size. The KH muni, might be a good choice.

Im gonna have to vote for the 24x3" option as well. it still works well for trials, and is excellent for Muni.

go for a 24x2.6 if your going to be on pavement more than dirt.the 3.0 is great on the dirt but its a dog on the pave’

i get plenty of snap with a 2.6 and can turn faster and such.

I’ve just finished building my custom muni (24" x 3") and I’ve been really pleased with it. It’s definately the way to go. Origianlly, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a 24" for trials and of getting a 24" in general but John Childes as well as others convinced me.

Good luck,

If you’re going to roll, a 26 will do better. If you’re going to bounce, a 24 will be lighter.

You can do MUni on anything, just by choosing the appropriate trail. I’ve ridden off road on 20, 24, 26, 28 (briefly!) and Coker.

I guess the way to go would be a light and agile trials uni that you can use almost anywhere for almost anything, and IF and WHEN you find you need something tougher for the kind of MUni you’re doing, THEN will be the time to upgrade, change, or add.

If you go for a 24" with a Gazz tyre on it it’ll only be about 10mm smaller in diameter than a 26". Go for the Gazz!

Ideally get two unicycles like Mike said but just a 24" has been fine so far for me.