Trials and Muni Vid finished!

I was bored a week ago and i decided to goof around with or flash playe and make a ovie well i just kep adding on til the finish of a song untill i came up with a funny cartoon thats about 1 minute long of music and crazy 2d uni stuff as youcan tell in the video this isnt the greatest but a must see!

Crud the vid is .fla format and too big so i dont think i can post it because i have yet to find a free server that will process .fla so be patient and ill soon find a way

in flash, choose file>export, and then save it as an SWF file, it will make it a much smaller.
Rock on

Its done! and Here it is! Veiw it now woo hoo!!! I hope you like the music. :smiley:

What does one view a .swf file with? (I’m using a windows machine).

Mine let me wiew it right in the browser. I have mozilla as my browser. I think it treats it like a flash file. I have heard that “song” before. Was it that dude razel(sp)